How to Apply for Funding

Step 1 

Contact Community Employment Services

Step 2

Attend your personal meeting with your assigned Employment Consultant

Step 3

Explore Fanshawe College programs

Step 4

Complete the Researching and Choosing a School form


Fanshawe College Information

General Fanshawe College Information

School Name:

Fanshawe College

Contact Information:

View our campuses pages to find contact information

Is this school registered as a private Career College in Ontario?


If no, please explain:

Publicly funded college - College of Applied Arts and Technology

Is this course eligible for OSAP funding?


Is this training provider certified to give T2202A tuition tax receipts?


Does this school have a solid reputation in the community?

Yes, Fanshawe College is one of the largest of the 24 publicly funded Community Colleges in Ontario.

Are the standards and licenses recognized by Governments and Occupational Associations?


Program-Specific Information

Contact for program-specific information

Cost of Training Course/Program

Click here to view our listing of fees by program. Simply search through our alphabetical list to find your program of choice.

Please note:

Tuition fees are charged per term. 

Other Admission Fees:

(where applicable)

English Language Evaluation Test (ELE):

An assessment for applicants for whom English is not their first language.

Subject Challenge Exams (for admission purposes):

  • When an applicant has completed the learning, but does not have proof of a grade (i.e. English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics). The challenge exam shows that the individual has the skill set that meets the minimum grade requirement.
  • When an applicant has completed the learning, but does not meet the minimum grade requirement.

Challenge exams cannot be used in lieu of a subject requirement when prior learning has not been completed.


Step 5

Now you are ready to apply to Fanshawe College!


Apply to Fanshawe College as a Better Jobs Ontario Applicant

Step 1

Apply online through Ontario Colleges. Considering applying for online or accelerated program? The steps to apply are a little different

Step 2

Watch for communication from Fanshawe College

Step 3

If offered admission, confirm your acceptance to Fanshawe College through Ontario Colleges.

Step 4

Deliver Offer of Admission letter to Community Employment Services

Step 5

A fee invoice will be issued to you. Please pay your fees by the due date, or come to the Office of Registrar to request a special fee extension. Note: a copy of the signed contract is necessary before fee extension can be requested

Step 6

Bring your signed Ministry funding contract to the Office of the Registrar prior to the fee extension deadline


Apply to Accelerated and Online Programs

Step 1

Contact your local Employment Ontario Assessment Centre and make an appointment with an employment counsellor to find out if you qualify for Better Jobs Ontario funding

Step 2

Contact Part-Time Studies to review available programs and complete the Research Document for the specific program by calling 519-452-4430x4827

Step 3

Select one of the Accelerated Career Training or my eLab @ Fanshawe programs offered through Part-Time Studies

Step 4

Make an appointment with the program consultant to request your detailed offer of admission letter

Step 5

Confirm your Acceptance 

  • Give your Offer of Admissions letter to your Employment Ontario Assessment Counsellor.
  • Pay your fees (as shown on your invoice) by the due date or visit the Office of the Registrar to request a special fee extension. Note: a copy of the signed contract is necessary before a fee extension can be requested.
  • Bring your signed Ministry funding contract to the Part-Time Studies office before the fee extension deadline.


Get in touch with a Better Jobs Ontario Consultant 

Community Employment Services Fanshawe

Nelson Plaza, 155 Clarke Road 

London, ON

(519) 432-1220

Looking for a regional campus?