Before you withdraw

There is often an alternative to withdrawing from your program. These staff members can make sure you explore all of your options before leaving or help you create a plan for returning when you are ready.

  • Withdrawal from a program may affect those students who have received OSAP. Please contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • To book an appointment with your Academic Advisor, contact them using the information at
  • To book an appointment with an Admissions and Pathways Advisor go to Book Now.

Withdrawing From Your Program

Full-time and Part-time Canadian Students

Students considering withdrawal within the first ten (10) days of term must complete and submit a Withdrawal form


Refunds are issued the way they were paid. If tuition and fees were paid by OSAP, a refund is issued back to the loan centre. If paid by credit card, the refund is placed back on the credit card. If paid at a bank, a cheque will be mailed to the address on your WebAdvisor account. Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for a refund to be issued. 

After 10 Days

Students who officially withdraw by submitting a Withdrawal form after the first ten (10) days of term, are not entitled to a refund of any fee(s). After the first ten (10) days of term, students are responsible for payment of fees required for that level plus any administrative charges until an unpaid balance is paid in full. Students are responsible for ensuring that a completed Withdrawal form is received by the Office of the Registrar within the first ten days of term of a level.

After the first ten (10) days of term, students are strongly encouraged to speak with a Counsellor, an Academic Advisor or an Admissions and Pathways Advisor in order to understand the implications of their withdrawal before they submit a Withdrawal form.

International Students

Please see the International Withdrawal and Refund Process page on the International Student site.

Continuing Education Students

CE students wishing to withdraw from their CE course need to complete the CE Withdrawal form. Partial refunds are available if students withdraw from a course no later than the refund deadline. The refund deadline is published on the course registration page and displayed at time of registration. The refund is fees paid less an administrative fee ($26.50 for graded and $15.00 for non-graded courses).

Courses with ancillary fees which include consumables may withhold additional fees for materials used/retained by the student prior to the withdrawal. If you have questions about withdrawing from a CE course, please contact us at


Full-time apprentice students who withdraw prior to the third class meeting are normally entitled to a refund of tuition fees paid less a $100 administration fee. Please use the Withdrawal form. If you have questions about withdrawing from your apprenticeship, please contact us at


If a student withdraws from a program within the first 10 days of term, there is no record of enrollment.

If a student withdraws from a program after the refund date (the 10th day of term) but before the withdrawal without academic penalty date, the student will be assigned a 'W' grade on the academic record in all their courses; there is no return of fees.

Withdrawal after this date (the withdrawal without academic penalty date) may result in an 'F' grade on the academic record in their courses; specific course grades will be determined by the individual course's professor of record.


Course Withdrawal Dates


Grades are assigned in compliance with the 'Course Grade System' policy A112. Withdrawal without academic penalty falls between the refund date and a date representing 70% of the total course duration calculated from the course start date.

Fee Appeals

The College is committed to ensuring fees are assessed and refunds granted in a fair and consistent manner. Students have the right to appeal College decisions relating to the administration of student fees.

Students who withdraw from a program or course past the deadline (10th day of term) have the right to appeal the withholding of these fees (A132: Student Fees Policy). Student who wish to appeal the withholding of fees must:


Submit the online Fee Appeal form including a letter clearly stating the reason for the appeal with detailed facts and supporting documentation. Instructions are provided in the form.

Students have thirty (30) calendar days from the last day of the academic semester to make an appeal for that semester.


Appeals will only be considered for three reasons:
  • Medical Cause (e.g., surgery, accident, depression)
  • Personal Cause (e.g., tragic, personal event)
  • College Error (e.g., student's successful completion of their program or course was jeopardized)


Fee Appeal Form

A132: Student Fees Policy