Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

369 Finkle Street
Woodstock, ON
N4V 1A3
Phone: 519-421-0144
Fax: 519-539-3870

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Student Support


Becky Arnott International Academic Advisor Becky Arnott
 International Academic Advisor
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: rarnott@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40038


Judith Bell Support Services Judith Bell
 Support Services
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: jbell@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40026



photo of Jennifer BlackJennifer Black
Coordinator, Practical Nursing Program
Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

E-mail: jennifer.black@fanshawec.ca
Phone: 519-421-0144 x40042



ann-marie csendes phs coordinator Ann-Marie Csendes
 Coordinator, Pre-Health Science Program
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: acsendes@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40047




eric collins communications officer Eric C. Collins
 Student Engagement Specialist / Professor
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: e_collins@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40031



Angela Guernsey Customer Service Angela Guernsey
 Customer Service Representative
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: aguernsey@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-537-3540 x6551
 Fax: 519-537-6640


Carolyn Holt ACE coordinator Carolyn Holt 
 Coordinator, Academic Upgrading Program
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: cholt@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-537-3520 x6554
 Fax: 519-537-6640

headshot of Peggy Humphries Peggy Humphries
 Coordinator, Child and Youth Care Program
 Field Liaison, Child and Youth Care Program
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: phumphries@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40029



Headshot of Lindsey McGuire Lindsay McGuire
 Counsellor - Counselling and Accessibility Services
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: lcmcguire@fanshawec.ca | Phone: 519-421-0144 x40036



 Katie Davey
 Academic Advisor
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus
 E-mail: kdavey@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40039


Deb Renaud Hairstylist Coordinator Debbie Renaud
 Coordinator, Hair Stylist Program

 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus
 E-mail: dlrenaud@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40033

klaske rheubottom psw ece coordinator Klaske Rheubottom
 Coordinator, Personal Support Worker
 Coordinator, Early Childhood Education Program
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus
 E-mail: krheubottom@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40041




Photo of Bette Rowe Bette Rowe
Coordinator, Business - Entrepreneurship and Management Program

Coordinator, Office Administration Executive Program
Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

E-mail: browe@fanshawec.ca | Phone: 519-421-0144 x40046

Photo of Betty SchoemakerBetty Schoemaker
Co-operative Education Consultant, Office Administration - Executive

E-mail: b_schoemaker@fanshawec.ca
Phone: 519-452-4430 x4537 | Fax: 519-437-7115

Elizabeth Schonemann Coordinator Police Foundations Elizabeth Schonemann
 Coordinator, Police Foundations Program
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: eschonemann@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40028 | Fax: 519-539-3870

Rubelyn Smith Customer Service Rubelyn Smith
 Academic Planner
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: rgsmith@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40030
mike kapin headshot

 Mike Kapin
 Coordinator, Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: m_kapin@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40034




Briana Withers Customer Service Briana Withers
 Customer Service Representative
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: bwithers@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40023



 Tamara Visser Customer ServiceTamara Visser
 Customer Service Representative & Assistant to the Associate Dean
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

 E-mail: t_visser@fanshawec.caPhone: 519-421-0144


 Jennifer McLean
 Associate Dean
 Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus
 E-mail: jmclean@fanshawec.ca
 Phone: 519-421-0144 x40022
Lisa Wells
Manager, Continuing Education and Contract Training
Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus

E-mail: lwells@fanshawec.ca
Phone: 519-537-3540 x6552 | Fax: 519-537-6640