The Canadian Investment Funds Course is unlike any in the industry. The sequence of instruction mirrors the typical process used with clients in the real world. A challenging case study and practice exam enable students to put knowledge into practice.  Students will engage in role play with other students and the industry professional professor. Client case scenarios are used in preparation to work with clients.  Successfully completing the CIFC Exam meets the proficiency requirement by the provincial securities commissions for mutual fund licensing.

Course Name Code Anticipated Term Offerings
Mutual Funds in Canada FINA-1053

F, W, S


Mutual Funds in Canada - FINA-1053

This is an exciting preparatory course for those seeking to write the mutual funds licensing exam. This course is for students in the related programs but is offered at an introductory level with no prior knowledge required. Knowledge gained will be F in both your personal and professional lives. Successful completion of the external industry exam is, for many employers, a mandatory first step in an investment industry career. Successful candidates will be eligible to provide mutual funds advice and product in Canada. The content very broadly covers the mutual fund investment industry in areas such as regulation, mutual fund mechanics, management styles, advisor requirements, private and public retirement plans and taxation of mutual funds. Students will register through for access to course materials and industry exams.