Improve your workplace communication skills

Newcomers to Canada often encounter barriers to employment, including lack of Canadian work experience, language barriers, differences in workplace culture, difficulties in obtaining recognition for foreign qualifications and international experience, discrimination and lack of workplace integration and diversity programs.

Pursue FREE newcomer service language training that will help you to:

  • communicate better with supervisors, colleagues and clients;
  • understand your sector and occupation in Canada;
  • understand Canadian workplace culture in your field; and
  • develop strong interviewing, networking and job-search communication skills.

Who is eligible?

Participants must be one of the following:

- Permanent resident
- Convention refugees/Protected persons
- Ukrainian temporary resident
- Temporary resident affected by the crisis in Gaza (showing “MOME2023” in status documentation)

They must live in Ontario and have training or experience in a specific occupation or industry but need to improve their occupation-specific communication skills.

Participants must have CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) level 5 and up. If your level is lower than 5, please refer to Fanshawe’s English Language Institute to learn how you can improve it and become eligible for OSLT.

How to get started?

Step 1

Learn more about the OSLT courses.

Step 2

If you have questions about OSLT or would like to register, contact us at

Step 3 

Staff will book a one-on-one virtual or phone appointment with you to answer questions and help you register.

Upcoming Occupation-specific Language Training (OSLT) courses

Accessing the Business Job Market | Online | Jun 3 - Jul 20, 2024

This course addresses the language and communication skills needed when searching for a job. You will learn how to develop a Job Action Plan for securing employment in your chosen occupation.

Time commitment: 40 hrs/6 weeks

Dates: Jun 3 - Jul 20, 2024

Days: Virtual Delivery Thu, 7 - 8 p.m. Online learning: 5hrs/week at your own pace.

Writing Professionally | Online | Jul 1 - Aug 23, 2024

This online course is for you if you have successfully completed an OSLT course. It focuses on the language and socio-cultural communication requirements of writing workplace communication in the business and technology sectors at CLB 7 to 8. The course addresses the language and communication skills needed to develop a strategic approach to writing workplace communication, understand purpose and audience in written workplace communication, use logical structure in emails and write effective emails to make requests, exchange information, make complaints and follow up.

Time commitment: 30 hrs/8 weeks

Dates: Jul 1 - Aug 23, 2024

Days: Zoom classes: Tue, 7 - 8 p.m. Online learning: 5hrs/week at your own pace.


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Occupation-specific Language Training (OSLT)