Welcome to Fanshawe! During the weeks leading up to Orientation join us for a variety of virtual sessions covering important information that will help you prepare to start your journey at Fanshawe.

Ask Me Anything: What’s Next? (Virtual sessions)

These sessions will guide you through helpful information so you can feel prepared to begin your studies. We will also answer your questions on the spot! Sessions typically occur frequently in the weeks leading up to the start of the term.

Here for you: Summer Orientation Series (Virtual sessions)

These FREE events showcase the wide range of student services that are available to you. At Fanshawe, there is a huge team of supporters who are here for you and these sessions will show you exactly how, and who you can reach out to for a variety of services. Each session is approximately one hour long.



Session Name and Description Session Information
Past Sessions

WRIT Info Session

This foundational literacy course typically appears on student timetables. Students have the ability to place out of this course by participating in the WRIT assessment. Join this informational session to learn and discover more about the WRIT course and assessment.


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Passcode: s*P+2$T=

Accessibility Services
Accessibility Services offers a variety of academic supports to students with disabilities at the college. This session will introduce you to the services available, and give you information on how to get registered with Accessibility Services.

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Passcode: 4i&J73fz

Counselling and Wellness Services 
Our counsellors are professionally trained, have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can assist you in areas such as mental health, substance use, relationships, and other personal concerns that might impact your academic success. This session will introduce you to the services available, and give you information on how to get registered with Counselling Services.

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Passcode: q7x6^p#V

Gender Based Violence Supports
Learn what gender-based violence is, your rights and options on campus, how Fanshawe supports survivors and how to access safer sex products.

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Passcode: 1+SY9ciT

Academic Integrity 

Join us to discuss the Academic Integrity policy at Fanshawe and how it protects your reputation and that of Fanshawe College credentials. This session will teach you about Academic Offences and how to avoid getting one.

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Passcode: #TsY8K@c

Wellness Centre 
The Student Wellness Centre is home to services that support student physical and mental wellness. Lean about the functional spaces for individual and group activity and services, Fowler Kennedy Medical Centre and pharmacy.

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Passcode: @#%f06F=

Housing Mediation Services

Fanshawe’s Mediation Services is a free confidential resource that seeks to assist in the speedy resolution of problems that may arise between students and landlords, students and London residents and/or students and students in the areas of housing and lifestyles. This session will provide an overview of Housing Mediation Services and resources available to support students navigating the London housing market.

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Passcode: J+%4?%GC

Library Learning Commons 
The Library Learning Commons (LLC) provides learning and academic support for all Fanshawe students. Learn about the services available to all Fanshawe students studying at any campus.

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Passcode:  #3dgT%H@

Join us to learn about your FANCard and how to get yours. Your FANCard is your official Fanshawe identification card. But it does more than act as ID - keep life simple with one card and take advantage of its convenient features. 

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Passcode:  G+L0V++L

Preparatory programs and pathways: General Arts & Science

This session is for students beginning the General Arts and Science program and offers additional information on how to start well-prepared.

Students in these programs follow the pathway of study that most intrigues them with some majors even being offered in an online format. Students have the freedom to build their own programs by selecting the courses that interest them the most.

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Passcode:  By@8cmbM

FSU Health Plan (For Canadian Students)
This session covers Fanshawe's student health plan. For more coverage information coverage or opt-out details, please visit https://www.fsu.ca/health. If you are an international student, please visit https://morcare.ca/home/52-fanshawe-college or attend Fanshawe Welcome for more information. 

Note: International students cannot opt-out of the Morcare health plan.

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Passcode:  EU%E#rY2

Welcome to Woodstock Campus 
This information session is for students attending Fanshawe's Woodstock/ Oxford County regional campus and will provide an introduction to this campus and it’s unique experience. 

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Passcode:  V7?1VyPE

InSPIRE Mentoring 
This program helps students create pathways to career connections by developing networking skills, sharing experiences, and gaining industry knowledge. Join us to learn more about this program. 

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Passcode:  Jpr5@Pe1

FSU Services 
This session will discuss Fanshawe Student Union services. (www.fsu.ca)

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Passcode: &Hd7#kRR

International Center Services

Fanshawe College welcomes students from more than 100 countries around the world each year - to live, study and work in London, Ontario, Canada. More than 6,500 international students choose Fanshawe for many reasons, including our demonstrated commitment to student satisfaction and graduate employment. Join this session to discover Fanshawe College International Center Services and all we offer to prepare you for incredible career success!

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Passcode:  XZ%1EX1K

FanshaweOnline (FOL)

One week before the first day of classes, you will be given access to your FOL account where your courses will appear. Through FOL, students can find all program-related information. Most students log on to the platform two to five times per day! This session provides an overview of the main FOL functions and the related resources available to students.

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Passcode: q2L$@0pB

Welcome to London South Campus 
This information session is for students attending Fanshawe's London South campus and will provide an introduction to this campus and it’s unique experience. 

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Passcode: 5@%DR!?D

Part-time Studies

Fanshawe's Part-time Studies has won Best of London 2023 for Best Adult Education Centre/Career College for the 4th time. Fanshawe prides itself on delivering an exceptional learning experience that fits within students' schedules. This session is for students beginning their part-time post-secondary studies at Fanshawe College, who would like to have an overview of the program delivery and its possibilities.

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Passcode: !nwdR20t

Residence: Home Away from Home 
Residence life supports student success with a safe and accepting environment. This session offers a glimpse into what the residence experience is truly about, and valuable tips and tricks on navigating life on campus.

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Passcode: M8zl#T^7

Co-operative Education and LEAP Entrepreneurial Services
Entering a program with a co-op term? Learn about the services your Co-op Consultant can provide and gain an understanding of how to prepare for your co-op program. 

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Passcode: 4.u06&sG

Welcome to Simcoe/Norfolk Campus
This information session is for students attending Fanshawe's Simcoe/Norfolk campus and will provide an introduction to this campus and it’s unique experience. 

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Passcode: 8zqJv5x.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI)
We offer support to equity-deserving students and equity-related student groups. Come hear about EDI on campus. Learn who we are and what we do.

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Passcode: B1F44.dS

Career Services
Designed to help students find part-time employment during their time at Fanshawe and prepare them for their future careers, Career Services provides one-stop access to employment and job readiness services. Learn all about them at this session.

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Passcode: p0X=7tsw

Innovation Village

In the heart of the Fanshawe London Campus, Innovation Village will be a physical and virtual hub where students will discover one-stop supports and exceptional learning. It will include collaborative work spaces, virtual reality and multimedia labs, a makerspace, project rooms, research support and cutting edge equipment. Join us to learn how the Innovation Village can enhance your Fanshawe experience.

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Passcode: !6smxDCe

Financial Readiness – Paying for College
Did you know that Fanshawe College awards over $5 million annually in bursaries and scholarships to help students pay for college?! Attend our Financial Readiness session to learn more about budgeting, OSAP, bursaries and scholarships.

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Passcode: h&2Rj=UU

Welcome to London Downtown Campus

This information session is for students attending Fanshawe’s London Downtown Campus and will provide an introduction to this campus and its unique experience.

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Passcode: 5W6$B7ki

Retail Services (Campus Store)
This information session will provide information regarding course books, uniforms and materials. Get more information about course supplies.

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Passcode: PZ7J&@n3

Pathways and PLAR  

Pathways are the different academic routes you could take to pursue additional credentials while gaining recognition for your prior learning. Access your desired credential, take credits with you to another school or program, save time and money, and/or get recognition for your previous work or life experience. Attend for an overview on Pathways and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) opportunities.

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Passcode: eZ37K@Ei

Military Connected Campus Welcome 
Are you a new Fanshawe student with military experience or military-connectedness? Join us for our summer orientation session.

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Passcode: *eK&Pu70

Study Abroad & Exchange Opportunities

Fanshawe College currently has 26 bilateral exchange agreements with schools in 16 countries. Join this session for information on opportunities to study abroad!

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Passcode: &T7*oNhh

Esports at Fanshawe 
This information session will introduce Fanshawe's Esport leagues on campus! We are an all-accepting community; if you’re into gaming, competitive or otherwise, then this is the session for you!

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Passcode: 1hz^zxTu


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should attend the Here For You Summer Orientation Series

As a new student, you should participate in the Here for You Summer Orientation Series because it will you give you a head start to a successful academic year. This series will introduce you to all of the supports, resources and opportunities available to you as a Fanshawe student. If you have any further questions regarding this event series, please contact orientation@fanshawec.ca.

Can parents and other supporters attend sessions?

Yes, parents and other supporters are welcome and encouraged to attend. We know that parents are a key resource and support for their student and we want to ensure you feel equipped with the information you need to help your student succeed.

What is the WRIT assessment? How do I write it and what do I need?

WRIT is a free foundational literacy course that deals with critical reasoning and effective writing. Because it is a foundational course, it typically appears on student timetables in the first semester. Most programs at Fanshawe College have a WRIT course as a program requirement.

There are a small number of programs that are exempt from the WRIT assessment. For more information regarding the WRIT assessment and online testing options, visit fanshawec.ca/WRIT.

To write the WRIT assessment, have your Fanshawe username and password ready as it is required to login and write the test. If you don't know your username or password, contact the IT Service Desk via live chat or email.

What is a FANCard? When and how do I get it?

Your FANCard is your official identification card at Fanshawe College and all-access pass to Fanshawe resources, including Student ID, bus pass, room and building access, meal plans, health plans, and more! Click here to learn more about FANCards.

How can I connect with other incoming students, upper-year students and Fanshawe staff?

One of the easiest ways to connect with others is to reach out over social media! Join our Fanshawe Discord channel, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, join our First Year Instagram Group or contact the Fanshawe Student Union.

I have a disability. How do I get accommodations in place for the start of term?

Identify early with Accessibility Services. Learn more at www.fanshawec.ca/earlyid.