Welcome to Fanshawe! During the weeks leading up to Orientation join us for a variety of virtual sessions covering important information that will help you prepare to start your journey at Fanshawe.

Ask Me Anything: What’s Next? (Virtual sessions)

These sessions will guide you through helpful information so you can feel prepared to begin your studies. We will also answer your questions on the spot!

More info coming soon!

Here for you: Summer Orientation Series (Virtual sessions)

These FREE events showcase the wide range of student services that are available to you. If you are viewing on a mobile device, scroll left/right to view dates, times and registration links.

At Fanshawe, there is a huge team of supporters who are here for you and these sessions will show you exactly how, and who you can reach out to for a variety of services. Each session is approximately one hour long.

Session Name and DescriptionDate and timeSession Registration
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I attend the Here For You Orientation Series?

As a new student, you should participate in this program because it will help you prepare for a successful academic year. This series will introduce you to all of the supports, resources and opportunities available to you as a Fanshawe student. If you have any further questions regarding this event series, please contact orientation@fanshawec.ca.

Can parents and other supporters attend sessions?

Yes, parents and other supporters are welcome and encouraged to attend. We know that parents are a key resource and support for their student and we want to ensure you feel equipped with the information you need to help your student succeed.

What is the WRIT assessment? How do I write it and what do I need?

Learn about the WRIT assessment.

How can I connect with other incoming students, upper-year students and Fanshawe staff?

One of the easiest ways to connect with others is to reach out over social media! Join our Fanshawe Discord channel, join Fanshawe College of ZeeMee, join our sub on Reddit,  follow us Instagram contact the Fanshawe Student Union.

I have a disability. How do I get accommodations in place for the start of term?

Identify early with Accessibility Services. Learn more at www.fanshawec.ca/earlyid.