Below is a step-by-step guide on how to complete online registration for General Education Electives. This information only applies to you if you are in a program that is regularly scheduled to take a General Education elective in the upcoming semester. If you have missed, failed or withdrawn from an elective in a previous semester - please visit the Out-of-Sequence & Part-Time Students

How to register online:

Check out our "How to Register for a General Education Elective" tip sheet.


  1. Visit and choose your student type: Diploma, Diploma (part-time) or Degree .

  2. Next, find your program and academic level. Click your program level's link to take you to the courses available to you.

  3. Record the course subject (example: PSYC), course number (example: 1007) and section number (example: 60) and the term (20F) of the course you are interested in taking.

    1. WebAdvisor and this document do NOT remove courses that are already full and closed for registration.

    2. Some course offerings are compressed. Pay attention to the delivery dates.

  4. Go to WebAdvisor. Log in to your Student account. Select, Express Registration.

  5. Using the information recorded in Step 2, scroll through the menu to select the subject (this is not your program!), then enter the course number, section number and term.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. IMPORTANT STEP - On the next screen, choose Register from the action drop-down box.

  8. IMPORTANT STEP - Click Continue.

    1. If the course is full, you will receive an error message across the top of your screen. You must try another course.

  9. Please confirm your registration was successful by checking your Course Schedule Grid Layout (under the Student menu tab). If you registered correctly, your General Education Elective will appear there.


    Note: Courses are first come, first served - there are no waiting lists for courses that are full! We strongly advise you to register in your General Education Elective as soon as possible. Please also note that the website does not update by removing courses that are already full.