The more you know

There are many things to consider deciding where to live. We are here to support you! We've compiled plenty of resources to help you plan and start your housing search, understand more about the communities around Fanshawe and  learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Check out the following links and information as you begin the process.


Off-campus housing listings (all campuses)

Housing mediation services and supports 

On-campus residences (London Campus)

Off-Campus Housing: Renting Resources

The following are a short collection of Fanshawe resources to help you select off-campus housing and understand your rental agreements. 

  • Rental Viewing Comparison Chart – Print and keep this checklist with you to compare up to five different rental units before making your final decision.
  • Roommate Agreement - Negotiating a roommate agreement can be tricky. This form provides suggestions and a template to help maintain roommate harmony.
  • Sublet Agreement - You’ve probably heard of subletting, but may not know how to do it. This template offers you a starting point to create a residential sublet agreement.

There are many local and area resources worth exploring. Make sure you learn as much as possible about transportation, utilities, food pantries, shelters, community support services and more.

Note: The original tenant and subtenant are both responsible for the terms and conditions listed in the master lease, so always attach a copy of the master lease to any sublet agreement.

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