dual credit

What is dual credit?

The dual credit program allows you to get a head start towards your future. It’s easy. You can take college or apprenticeship courses while you are still in high school! Earn credits  towards both your high school diploma and a postsecondary education. Put yourself on the track to a successful transition to college or an apprenticeship program while gaining a better perspective on your career  path.

At the present time Fanshawe offers the following dual credit models: Day Away Dual Credit, Adult Dual Credit, SWAC and OYAP.

Check with your guidance counsellor or student success teacher at your high school to see if you meet the required criteria to be considered for the program.

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Day Away Dual Credit

This is where selected students come to Fanshawe for one day or portion of a day to take one or two college classes taught by a college professor. They are bussed to and from their high school one day a week.

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Adult Dual Credit 

For more information about Adult Dual Credits, contact LDCSB (Centre for Lifelong Learning) at 519-675-4436 or TVDSB (Wheable) at 519-452-2660.
You may also contact:

School within a College (SWAC)

Students are selected by school boards to participate in this unique opportunity.

Students in the SWAC program take at least 1 dual credit course and up to 4 OSSD courses per semester. The Dual Credit courses are taught by College Professors and the OSSD courses are taught by Secondary School teachers. This program is unique in that it occurs completely on a College campus.

The change in environment has shown a positive increase in success rates for students who have struggled in a typical high school environment.

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Students are enrolled in the OYAP program and can receive their level one apprenticeship standing. Students typically attend Fanshawe College three days a week.

Beginning in April 2021 Fanshawe will offer 6 OYAP Level 1 Apprenticeship programs:

  • Automotive Service Technician: 310S
  • Construction and Maintenance Electrician: 309A
  • General Carpenter: 403A
  • General Machinist: 429A
  • Hairstyling: 332A
  • Industrial Mechanic Millwright: 433A

For more information about OYAP, contact:

For more info, visit www.oyap.com and apprenticesearch.com.