Going to college is a big step, which is why it’s important to do your research to make sure you’re making the right decision. At Fanshawe, we want to give you the most information we can before you begin your application.

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Research your options

Endless Program Possibilities

A college education is about rolling up your sleeves and getting job-ready. Our programs provide experiential learning opportunities and industry connections that will help you hit the ground running after graduation.

  • With over 200+ programs and pathways, we’re confident there is something right for you. You can also check out our open programs page to see which ones have seats available.
  • Not sure which program to take? Take our Pathfinder assessment to help determine which programs best match your interests and strengths.

If you would like information about our admission process and our programs and the careers they lead to, you can speak with an Admissions and Pathways Advisor.


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Understanding the college application and selection process

The College Application Process

Domestic Student Applicants

Fanshawe uses the Ontario Colleges Application Service (OCAS) for all domestic certificate, diploma and degree (excluding collaborative degrees) applications. Learn how to apply to OCAS.

International Student Applications

Fanshawe uses the Virtual Administration System (VAS) for all international admissions.

Collaborative Degrees

Are you an applicant to one of our collaborative degree programs? Please apply through OUAC.



For non-competitive programs, applicants who apply by February 1 and meet the admission requirements are admitted.

Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the available spaces in the program, the program is considered competitive and follows a specific process.




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Apply to Fanshawe

Ready to Apply to Fanshawe?

We’re here to walk you through the process! How you apply will depend on what type of program or credential you have chosen to study.



Full-time College Program:

What programs are available now? Visit the Open Programs page to find out.​​

​​Full-time College/University Collaborative Program:

  • We offer the following collaborative degrees with Western University: Nursing and Music Recording Arts.
  • Domestic and international student applications: ouac.ca
  • Apply by February 15

Part-time Post-Secondary Program:

Fanshawe offers the flexibility of taking some of our certificate, diploma and graduate certificate programs part-time. Explore all available part-time post-secondary programs and learn how to apply for a part-time program at Fanshawe.


You do not apply for an apprenticeship program. You need to secure a job first, and then your employer signs you up for an apprenticeship program. Community Employment Services at Fanshawe can help you find employment. Job applications are taken year round.

Learn More about Apprenticeships

Part-time Continuing Education (CE) Courses:

Course registrations are accepted until the first day of class, but register early! Most courses start the first week of September, January, and May.

View CE Courses and Programs

Academic Upgrading Program:

Missing admission requirements for one of our programs? You can take courses at Fanshawe to upgrade your education.


Competitive Programs

Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the available spaces in the program, the program is considered competitive and follows a specific process.

  1. Preference for Permanent Residents of Ontario
  2. Receipt of Application by February 1
  3. Achievement in the Admission Requirements: Identified grades must be obtained, however applicants with the highest grades in these courses will be given more points toward their application.

Selection of applicants to competitive programs is done using a point system. Points are awarded for grades earned in courses listed as admission requirements and the last 12 college or university courses taken. Applicants currently in a Fanshawe College preparatory program like Pre-Health Science receive extra consideration in the selection process (as compared to an applicant in a preparatory program at another college).  

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View your Offer of Admission


Log in to WebAdvisor to see your offer(s). 


View your Admission Status

Received an offer? Congratulations!

Conditional Admission:

  • High school students: your offer of admission is conditional upon your graduation. 
  • Finished high school but upgrading a course required for admission: Your offer of admission is conditional upon the college receiving a final transcript showing you have achieved the minimum grade required. 
  • Applied to a graduate certificate while still finishing your diploma or degree: Your offer of admission is conditional upon your graduation.

Fanshawe must receive a final mark for required admission courses by three weeks prior to the start of classes. If you do not meet your admission requirements, your offer will be revoked, but we will work with you on an offer to a future term.

Waitlisted? You have options!

Have you been offered a spot on the waitlist for your preferred program? We encourage you to accept! If you’ve also been offered admission to another program, you can accept that offer of admission without it impacting your waitlist position. If a seat in your preferred program comes available we will contact you and you can change your accepted offer to that program with no penalty. Say yes to your waitlist offer on WebAdvisor.

Ineligible? There is a pathway for you!

If you have applied to Fanshawe College and received notification that you are ineligible for your program, we may be able to find a place for you!

Undergraduate programs: We can provide a conditional offer of admission if you send us proof of enrollment in the courses you are missing for admission. Fanshawe offers three options for academic upgrading: 

Graduate programs: Your previous education may not have qualified you for admission, but in some programs, we may accept a combination of work experience and education. We may be able to offer you admission based on your resume. You can submit a resume to regforms@fanshawec.ca. Be sure to include your Fanshawe student ID number in the email.  

Our Admissions and Pathways advisors are here for you! Make an appointment and discuss your options with an advisor.  

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Accept your offer

Welcome Future Falcon!

To accept your offer of admission as a domestic student, visit OCAS to accept your offer by the deadline. Accept your offer and learn about the next steps you’ll need to complete before your first day of classes.


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