The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) is Canada's HR thought leader and the largest HR association in the country.  In Ontario, HRPA regulates the HR profession and issues the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, the national standard for excellence in human resources management.

To be certified by HRPA, and earn the right to use the Certified Human Resources Professionals designation, applicants must have sufficient foundation of discipline-specific knowledge.  The coursework requirement consists of successful completion of nine courses.  Successful completion means obtaining a grade of 70% or better over all nine courses with no single course below 65%.  Once courses are completed you can register to write the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) to be considered for eligibility.  The nine required courses are:

  • Human Resources Management (HRM)
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Training and Development
  • Labour Relations
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation

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Approved coursework competencies:

HRPA courses:

Course & Course Code Anticipated Term Offerings Course Description
Human Resources Management
F, W, S This course will introduce students to the role of the human resources professional in the field of human resources management. Topics such as job analysis, training and development, recruitment and selection, health and safety, planning, performance management, employment legislation and career development, with additional functional areas of human resources will be presented.
Recruitment & Selection
F, W, S

Pre-requisite: MGMT-1017

This course will assist the student in developing skills in recruitment, interviewing and orientation. Other topics will include learning the best methods for attracting potential employees, selecting people, establishing criteria for hiring, conducting the screening process, and evaluating application forms, letters and resumes.

Compensation & Benefits Administration
F, W, S

Pre-requisite: MGMT-1017 

This course will provide students with an understanding of the process, issues, and techniques involved in administering a compensation system. Students will learn both the theoretical and applied aspects of the compensation function; the linkage between the compensation function and the organizational management process; and the compensation system design necessary to attract, retain and motivate the required workforce.

Human Resource Planning 
F, W, S

Pre-requisite: MGMT-1017

Human Resources plays an integral role in the development of an organizational business plan and strategy. This course will provide an overview of the essential elements of the human resources planning process. Quantitative, as well as qualitative concepts, approaches and techniques will be discussed.

Labour Relations
F, W, S

Pre-requisite: MGMT-1017

The study of labour relations provides the backdrop for understanding the relationships between management, union, the government, the public and other stakeholders. Students will learn to develop strategies to contribute to organizational effectiveness through good employee and labour relations. The historical, environmental, constitutional and legislative framework will provide the foundation for an in-depth examination of the modern Canadian labour relations experience. Union recognition and the collective agreement, its content and its negotiation will be examined in detail. Considering that one in every five employees in Canada works in the public sector, special attention will also be paid to public sector unions.

Occupational Health & Safety
F, W, S

Pre-requisite: MGMT-1017

This course will provide students with an overview of safety and risk management principles. Topics include responsibilities of firms and employees, economic impact of loss control, ergonomics, workplace hazards assessment, accident prevention, workplace violence and harassment, WHMIS, WSIB Act, and the Occupational Health & Safety Act of Ontario.

Organizational Behaviour
F, W, S

Pre-requisite: MGMT-1017

Students in this course will acquire and learn to apply the knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully in any organization. Organizational, team and individual relationships and processes and their impact on organizational outcomes will provide the framework for the course. Within this framework, various topics, including theories of organizational behaviour, decision making, communication, motivation, leadership, values, emotion, conflict, negotiation and perception, will be examined. Students will complete a personality assessment and relate their results to course concepts.

Training & Development
F, W, S

Pre-requisite: MGMT-1017

Students will learn how to identify training needs, develop and evaluate training programs, and training delivery techniques. Students will be required to design and facilitate a training session in class. In addition, students will learn about the importance of training programs and how they contribute to the corporate well-being and development of an organization and its employees.

Finance & Accounting for Non-Accountants
W, S

Pre-requisite: ACCT-1100

FINA-1038 will provide you with an understanding of management and financial accounting, accounting reports and disclosure and the methodologies required to perform calculations as the basis for sound decision making. It is strongly recommended that you have an introductory knowledge in accounting in order to be successful in this course.

*This course has a prerequisite, ACCT-1100.

*F-Fall, W-Winter, S-Summer, TBD-To Be Determined
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