Student FAQs about studying at our London Downtown Campus

You've made a great choice to study in Downtown London! The student experience is unique and fulfilling. While researching campus options, students will often ask common questions about things like public transit, campus amenities and supports available. We've gathered the top questions to help you make your decision: 


Where will I live?


What accommodation options will Fanshawe offer students studying at the Downtown Campus?

Deciding where to live during your studies can be a challenging task. We do not have plans to build a residence in downtown London. However, between our on-campus residences and third-party operated off-campus housing located throughout the city, there will be plenty of options from which to choose.

To help in your search, we maintain an off-campus housing list at Some popular off-campus student housing is located within a 10-minute walk of the new facility (e.g.,


How will I travel between London Campus and London Downtown Campus?


Travelling between our London Campus (1001 Fanshawe College Blvd.) and downtown London is a breeze. The new building is located a short 20-minute bus ride away. The London Transit Commission ( offers plenty of route options between the College and City’s transit hub at King and Queen. The #4 Oxford East route provides essentially door-to-door service with no need to transfer.


Will I still be eligible for a London Transit bus pass?


Yes, all full-time post-secondary students attending our London campuses* receive London Transit Commission bus service seven days a week from September 1 through to the end of August.

* Some restrictions apply.


Is there parking at the Downtown Campus?


Parking is not available. If you need to drive, there are plenty of paid parking options nearby (e.g., Covent Garden Market). We encourage students to take public transit whenever possible, especially because London Transit bus passes are included in your student fees. 130 and 137 Dundas Street is a short 20-minute bus ride from our London Campus.


What food options are there?


130 Dundas Street features a teaching restaurant, The Chef’s Table at Fanshawe College, with a sidewalk café, a deli and retail store on the first floor. Looking for variety? There are plenty of food options within a 10-minute walk of the new building. Many of the local vendors are catering to our current downtown students by offering discounts when students show their Fanshawe student card.


Will I be able to use my student meal plan?


If you choose to live in one of our on-campus residence at the London Campus, you will be able to use the $1,200 meal plan included in your residence fees at all Fanshawe-operated retail and food outlets, including the teaching restaurant, deli and retail store on the first floor of 130 Dundas Street.


Why does Fanshawe have a Downtown Campus?


The building at 130 Dundas Street features modern labs, bright and open classrooms and collaborative learning spaces – designed by world-class architects and consultants – that meets the needs of our growing School of Information Technology programs and provides our School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts students with cutting-edge learning spaces.

Students who have studied downtown at our School for Digital and Performing Arts report that being downtown creates a more professional learning environment for them. They’ve also benefitted from being close in proximity to employers aligned with their programs.


What programs are downtown?
Will I have classes at both the London Campus and London Downtown Campus?


If your program is offered downtown, your classes will either be scheduled at 130 Dundas Street or at the School for Digital and Performing Arts (137 Dundas street). You will not need to travel to our London Campus for classes.


What support services are available downtown?


We are committed to providing our students with everything they need to be successful both inside the classroom and out. Academic Advisors are based on site to support students enrolled in each program offered in the building. Other services (e.g., Registrar’s Office, Counselling and Accessibility Services, Testing Centre, Bookstore, etc.) are provided.

The Fanshawe Student Union ( also does a great job of organizing frequent social activities to help build connections with fellow students and otherwise enhance your student experience.


Where is the closest library?


You will have plenty of options when it comes to accessing library services. The London Public Library’s Central Branch is a five-minute walk from the new building. We plan to bring public library representatives to our downtown campus so students can get to know what resources are available. Of course, you will also be welcome to access the Library and Media Services resources at our Oxford Street campus. Our library offers a wide range of electronic materials and resources that you could access from anywhere with an internet connection.


Is there a gym at the Downtown Campus?


No, but as a full-time student you’ll have access to the comprehensive suite of wellness services and programs offered at the Student Wellness Centre, located on our London Campus. Part-time students can purchase a membership. You’re also welcome to sign up for one of the many intramural sports offered at the London Street Campus throughout the year.


What safety and security measures are in place?


We’re committed to providing a safe and secure place for staff and students to work and study. That’s why there are control access gates (e.g., swipe your student card) in addition to a security office on the main floor of 130 Dundas street. The office will serve as a home base for both a Special Constable and security guard, who will conduct regular patrols of the Downtown Campus. 


Who can I contact if I have questions?


If you have more questions, please contact your program coordinator. Your program coordinator’s contact details are listed on your program page.