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Through our partnerships with other colleges and universities in Ontario, in Canada and across the globe, we have developed pathways for you to continue your education and obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree after completing your Fanshawe College credential. If you transfer to one of Fanshawe’s partner institutions through one of the pathways we had established, you may be eligible to apply for a Pathways Scholarship for a minimum of $1,000.


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Photo of Miyada Himmat

Pathways Spotlight: Miyada Himmat

Pathway: Fanshawe Chemical Laboratory Technology - Science Laboratory → Honors Bachelor's Degree in Medical Biotechnology at IT Sligo in Ireland (entry to fourth and final year).

"I'm currently completing an Honors Bachelor's Degree in Medical Biotechnology at IT Sligo in Ireland. It is the best decision I have made! It opened up my world to more possibilities with respect to career opportunities […]. Plus, there is the added bonus of being in Ireland! It truly is a beautiful country. […] Fanshawe has a lot to offer students with respect to pursuing a meaningful career in whatever path one chooses. It is important to work on developing a social network with individuals within the career you are interested in pursuing, it is just as important as maintaining good grades in your program. Professors and advisors are a great resource to have for advice on how to develop a well-rounded social network and education during your time at Fanshawe. Do not be afraid to ask them any questions you may have [about different pathway opportunities]."