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Dedicated to offering students exceptional learning experiences, Fanshawe College stands as a leader in Canada's education landscape. Featuring a diverse range of over 70 co-op programs, Fanshawe ensures a smooth transition from classroom theories to real-world applications. This approach empowers students to confidently apply their knowledge in various practical settings, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning journey.

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Benefits of Co-op

Apply the theory learned in college to work situations

Gain valuable work experience before graduation

Develop and refine career plans

Earn while you learn

Develop job search, interview and communications skills

Study abroad co-op options available

Why Choose Fanshawe

Co-op Programs
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Average Co-op Employment Rate

Co-op Structure

Work Semesters

Work semesters are spaced out through the academic program and students achieve progressively advanced skill levels as they advance through their studies. Similarly, the work experience opportunities should increase in difficulty and responsibility as the student progresses through the program. Normally, work semesters are four months in duration but in some programs, there are double co-ops of eight months or even longer. The minimum duration is 12 weeks of full-time employment.


Only those students who pass all of their college courses are eligible for co-op.

Pre-employment training

All co-op students undergo a pre-employment training program that includes information about careers related to their program, business/industry requirements and standards, and workplace adaptation. The co-op pattern for each program is designed so that students are likely to be available for work during busy periods in companies related to their field of study.

Co-op Payment Rates

Co-op positions are always paid. Students are usually paid at the same rate as entry-level workers in that position at your company. 

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Available for any program. Do you have your own business or are you interested in starting one? Use your co-op term to explore entrepreneurship. The Leap Junction team can help you navigate the process.

Student Support

Embark on your co-op journey with the assurance of dedicated support from day one to graduation. Each student is paired with a co-op consultant and career services consultant, offering personalized guidance throughout the co-op job search, application, and interview processes. This support extends into your co-op work term, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience. 

Complementing this assistance is the COOP-1020 preparation course, a focused program designed to equip you with the skills needed for a successful co-op term, blending academic knowledge with real-world application.

Photo of Riley McFee

This program set me up with great foundational building blocks for a life-long career. I have both Cintas and Fanshawe to thank for where I am today, for anyone who is seeking a co-op or future career, put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to be yourself, work hard, build relationships, to better your life in every aspect and build a great future for yourself!

- Riley McFee,
Former Co-op Student


Hiring co-op students presents several advantages for employers. It brings fresh perspectives, access to specialized skills, and a notable increase in workplace productivity. Also, explore hiring incentives available to further enhance the hiring experience.


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