From the moment you start until your final day of training, we are here to help you prepare for and successfully complete your apprenticeship. Services and resources offered through Fanshawe College are tailored with apprentices in mind, providing you with the support you need to succeed. 


Students who had an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or have a suspected learning challenge

If you had an IEP in either High School or Elementary School or have a suspected learning challenge, you might be eligible for accommodations during your schooling.

Accommodations could include:

  • Extra time on tests/exams
  • Quiet space for tests/exams
  • Tests read out loud
  • Tutoring 
  • Note taking

Study Skills and Time Management

Do you have trouble remembering or recalling the information that you learned or how to balance both school and life's commitments? We can show you tips on managing your time to complete assignments and labs on time, how to study to get information into your long term memory and how to be successful.

Test Accommodations

If you had an IEP or test/exam accommodations previously, or if you have a suspected learning challenge, you might be eligible for test accommodations while completing your apprenticeship at Fanshawe College.

Accommodations could include:

  • Quiet/less distracting space (e.g. the Test Centre)
  • Extra time
  • Adaptive Technology such as Kurzweil

These accommodations can also be used for the C of Q (Certificate of Qualification)


We have tutors who specialize in subject-based material (e.g. Plumbers Math, Blue Prints, etc.). You could have a tutor for a single concept or the whole subject. Free of cost!

Types of tutoring:

  • Group
  • One-on-one
  • Peer
  • Professional

Note Taking

If you need assistance with taking notes or had a note taker before, you could be eligible for the same accommodations.

Note taking options:

  • Peer note taker
  • Digital recorder
  • Note Taker Express (NTE)
  • Bamboo Slate/Folio
  • Livescribe Pen

Alternative Format

Alternate Format is a service offered to students with a documented disability who require their textbook in an electronic format. This format allows you to have your text read out loud with the use of Adaptive Technology.

  • PDF
  • Kurzweil
  • Braille

You must have proof of purchase (store receipt) for all textbooks requested. Please speak to the Adaptive Technologist if you believe this is a service that may benefit you in your learning.

Equipment Loan Services

If you need a Laptop for disability-related purposes, the Inclusive Technology Centre has a loan service that can help. We have equipment through our loan service that you can borrow for the duration of your program. Training on how to use the Adaptive Technology is available.

Equipment available through the Loan Service:

  • Laptops
  • Bamboo Slate/Folio
  • Digital recorders
  • Livescribe pens



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Tina Thukral-Sidhu (London Campus):
Sheet Metal

Danielle Cheyne (London Campus):
Developmental Service Worker

Diana Li (Downtown Campus, London)

Matt Brown (Z Building)
Automotive Service Technician/GM-ASEP
Truck and Coach Technician
Auto Body and Collision Damage Repair
Agricultural Equipment/John Deere/Heavy Duty Equipment 

Cathy Miller (St. Thomas Campus)
General Machinist
Industrial Mechanic Millwright
Tool and Die

Vacant (Woodstock Campus)
Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic

Inclusive Technology Centre