Continue your education within Fanshawe

After completing a Fanshawe program, you may be able to take credits with you into another related Fanshawe program. You can also advance your career with a post-graduate certificate program.


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Explore the various pathways within Fanshawe

Diploma to Degree Pathway

Diploma to Degree

Fanshawe's Honours Bachelor Degrees have pathways from related diplomas or advanced diplomas, allowing you to graduate with a degree sooner.

We have also developed pathways from our Bachelor's degrees to related graduate programs

Find available pathways from Fanshawe degrees on the Fanshawe Pathways Database.


Apprenticeship Pathway Icon

Apprenticeship Pathways

Pathways between apprenticeships and certificates or diplomas allow you to enhance your employability and get recognition for your previous experience. As a journeyperson, you may have the opportunity to be exempted from level 1 of a related certificate or diploma program. As a graduate from a Fanshawe certificate or diploma, you may be exempted from one or more levels of a related apprenticeship program. 

Find available pathways into or from apprenticeship programs on the Fanshawe Pathways Database.


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General Arts and Science Pathways

General Arts and Science offer pathways from and into other Fanshawe programs, allowing you to explore the path that interests you the most. As a General Arts and Science student or graduate, several internal credits will be automatically applied to your next Fanshawe program. 

Find available pathways into or from General Arts and Science on the Fanshawe Pathways Database.



Pathway to Graduate Certificates Icon

Pathways to Graduate Certificates

Fanshawe Graduate Certificates offer a career-focused curriculum to complement your diploma, advanced diploma, degree or work experience and build on the knowledge and skills you've acquired through your past education and work experience. Some Graduate Certificate programs offer pathways from other Fanshawe programs, allowing you to obtain two credentials in a shorter period of time.