Congratulations on your offer of admission to Fanshawe!

You’ve made a great choice and you are one step closer to becoming a part of our Fanshawe family. Follow these next steps so you are fully prepared for your first day of classes. 

Are you an international student?

The steps on how to apply and accept your offer are different for international students. Learn more

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Choose Fanshawe 

Have an offer of admission from Fanshawe and deciding whether to accept it? Congratulations! This tour is for you.

One of our student ambassadors will show you around Fanshawe's main London Campus (1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, London). This in-person, group tour will cover the amenities, support services and program areas offered by Fanshawe. A tour of the traditional residence style is included. Note: this tour is for those who already have an offer of admission and are deciding to accept it.


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Say Yes to Fanshawe
How to confirm your offer of admission

Visit to accept your offer by the confirmation deadline.

Need help? Watch our step-by-step video below on how to confirm your offer to Fanshawe!


 Have you been offered a spot on the waitlist? Do you have an offer but it's not your first choice?

You can still accept an offer of admission while you are on a waitlist or waiting for another offer of admission. Say yes to your waitlist offer through your account on WebAdvisor.


Stay connected
Track your application through WebAdvisor

With WebAdvisor you can do more than just track your application – you can confirm your waitlist offer, find information about fees, class schedules and more!

Logging in to WebAdvisor:

  1. Go to WebAdvisor.
  2. Log in using the user ID and password that was emailed to you after applying.
  3. Having trouble? Contact the IT Service Desk.
Check your email

Watch for updates on your application, deadlines and events

Our main method of communication with you is email. Make sure your address is correct on Updating your email on your application automatically updates it on WebAdvisor.

Mark as "safe"

Some services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and others may intercept our emails and store them under spam, junk mail or promotions. Please add to your email address book or safe senders list.


Admission conditions and post-admission requirements
Complete outstanding admission conditions

All offers are conditional until you meet the requirements due three weeks prior to the start of classes. Do we have proof that you completed all your required courses? Log in to WebAdvisor to see what is outstanding.

Complete post-admission requirements

View the post-admission requirements page to see if your program has pre-placement conditions such as police record checks or health forms, or if it requires a laptop purchase.


Pay your deposit
Information about your $250 non-refundable deposit

Once you’ve confirmed your offer, the next step is to pay your non-refundable deposit by the fee payment deadline that is also indicated on your fee invoice. You can pay your deposit as soon as you receive your fee invoice, which will be emailed and mailed to you. Note: Your deposit is due before OSAP funds are released. Please plan for payment without OSAP funds.


Visit Tuition & Fees or program webpages for costing by program.

How to make a payment


Explore your financial needs
Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

OSAP is a government financial assistance program that helps students pay for college.

Find out how much you could get by visiting Visit OSAP and Student Loans to learn more.

Plan ahead! Get an OSAP estimate

Use the OSAP Aid Estimator to help you plan ahead financially. Find out how much OSAP may go towards tuition and how much remains for other expenses.

Fanshawe College Student Access Guarantee (SAG)

Fanshawe works with the Government of Ontario to provide the Student Access Guarantee. Through SAG, Fanshawe ensures that qualified students receive enough non-repayable aid to cover their tuition, compulsory fees and books when these are above the usual range of costs covered by OSAP (Based on 2019/20 OSAP Guidelines).

Scholarships and Bursaries

We offer over $5 million in bursaries and scholarships to help you pay for college. That’s money you don’t have to pay back if selected! Learn more about the bursaries and scholarships available to you. 




Register for your courses

For most Fanshawe programs, students are registered in their courses and given a class schedule, located on WebAdvisor, four to six weeks before classes begin. To view your course listing, view your program page. Most students will have to take one or more General Education Electives as part of their program, with some required to register for a Gen Ed in the first semester.

Special Exceptions

Take the next step

First-year students

It can feel a little overwhelming preparing for college but we are here for you. We’ve packaged together the most important information you’ll want to know before your program begins!  


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Buy books and supplies

Find your program booklist and shop online at Fanshawe Retail.

Orientation Programming

As you look toward the start of your program this is a great time to start planning for your student experience. You will have access to a number of free services that can help you be successful. 


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