Advance your career with a post-graduate program from Fanshawe

Today's job market is highly competitive and employers are looking for people who are skilled, professional and prepared to hit the ground running. Adding a post-graduate certificate or diploma to your resumé can help you stand out in the crowd. Our post-graduate programs, including graduate certificates, fast track and advanced diplomas, continuing education (CE) and part-time studies, are designed to leverage your existing college or university education with specialized, employable skills to help you launch your dream career.

Why choose a Fanshawe post-graduate program?

This is Specialization

"Taking the Customer Relationship Marketing & Sales Management graduate certificate at Fanshawe College provided me with skills and experience in using digital tools and software that I was unfamiliar with and that employers were asking for. I noticed the gap and discovered that this program would provide me with exactly what I needed to move forward in my sales and marketing career. Not only did I gain the skills I needed, but I also landed a job doing exactly what I learned in the program before I even graduated. I highly recommend taking a graduate certificate to specialize in skills that are in high demand by employers!"


Tyler W., Fanshawe Graduate

CRM Student Testimonial Photo