Fanshawe College is accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) to offer Additional Qualification (AQ) courses to elementary and secondary school teachers.

What are Additional Qualifications?

AQs are professional learning opportunities, accredited by OCT, offered by providers approved by OCT and available to OCT accredited educators.

Benefits to Ontario educators

  • Upgrade your skills in the subject areas in which you are qualified as a teacher;
  • Further your professional development in new subject areas to prepare you for more specific and specialized teaching roles;
  • Experience Fanshawe's hands-on learning approach;
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance collaboration and collegiality across all levels of education in Ontario;
  • Successfully completed AQ courses will be listed on your Certificate of Qualification and documented on the Ontario College of Teachers' public register.

AQ courses delivered at Fanshawe

Schedule D

Schedule D courses are three-part specialist courses (Part I, II, and Specialist). The differences in the three-part courses are pedagogical and allow for teachers to become specialists and experts in a specific area of study. The completion of a three-part specialist AQ can also be used to satisfy some of the prerequisite requirements for the Principals Qualification Program (PQP) and the Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program (SOQP).


AQ - Kindergarten Part I | Online | Continuous Intake Throughout 2024

AQ - Kindergarten Part II | Online | 2024 dates TBA


Download the AQ Booklet to Learn More

Admission requirements

  • Candidates enrolling in AQ courses must be qualified for admission and meet the requirements of the Ontario Teachers' Qualifications Regulation.
  • Candidates must also meet the specific admission requirements for the specific schedule related to the AQ course they are applying for, according to the OCT Prerequisites & Requirements for AQ Admission.
  • For some AQ programs, candidates are required to complete specific teaching experience, according to the OCT Memo: Successful Teaching Experience for Additional Qualifications.

Please note: It is the sole responsibility of each applicant to ensure that these requirements/prerequisites are fulfilled prior to applying for any offered AQ courses; failure to do so will result in a delay in submitting an AQ recommendation to the Ontario College of Teachers until all requirements are met.

Course cancellations

Courses that do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements may be cancelled. Courses may also be cancelled in circumstances where an instructor is unavailable to teach the AQ course. Students that have registered in the cancelled course will be contacted by Fanshawe at the email address provided on the registration form and will be issued a refund.