Orientation day is an introduction to your program and the services you can access to support your student journey. All students starting a new program are required to attend! It’s a memorable day and comes at no extra charge, so we hope to see you there!

Program Orientation

Important program-related information will be shared during your Program Orientation session that is unique to each program. Find the specific time and location of your session. We recommend that you plan to first attend this Program Orientation session, then participate in other orientation activities. If your Program Orientation is scheduled for the afternoon, visit your campus early to find the location of your session then attend other activities until your orientation begins.

Student Orientation Events

After your Program Orientation learn about the services available to you as a student so you can understand how to take advantage of them throughout your program.  


Event Time & Location Registration
Fanshawe Works April 26 and April 27 (two-day workshop) Registration Link 
International Student Welcome April 28: 9 a.m. (D1060), 11 a.m. (D1060), 3:00 p.m. 

Registration Link

Zoom Link (3:00 p.m. session)

Student Service Welcome May 1: 3 p.m.; D1060 (and virtual option) Registration Link
Student Service Fair (London Campus) May 1: 10am – 2pm Location: Oasis Registration not required
FanshaweOnline Orientation May 1: 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m. - Online Registration Link
Career & Co-op Orientation May 1: 4 p.m.; D1060 (and virtual option) Registration Link
Part-time Post-secondary Student Orientation May 1: 6pm - Online Registration link
Student Service Fair (Downtown Campus) May 2: 10am – 2pm Location: LDB 2nd floor Registration not required
Spring Festival May 10: 11am – 3pm; Location: Oasis Registration link


When is Orientation?

If you’re starting a program in May, your Orientation Day is Monday May 1, and your first official day of classes is Tuesday May 2. You will follow your Tuesday class schedule on May 2.

Where is my Orientation?

Your Program Orientation session will be held at the campus you are registered to attend. Use the Program Orientation Schedule to find the campus, room (or zoom link), and time of your session. 

Orientation Checklist 

Wondering how you can prepare for Orientation? Use this checklist to plan your day! 

Plan Ahead

  1. Find your program on the Program Orientation Schedule 
  2. Make note of the campus location of your program orientation session
  3. Clear your calendar to attend this full-day event
  4. Submit your FANCard photo online as far ahead of your Orientation day as you can. Find important information about how to pick-up your FANCard
  5. Review your required course materials and consider ordering them online for delivery or pick-up.  

Orientation Day

  1. Check the Program Orientation Schedule again to confirm if the time or location of your session has been updated. 
  2. Arrive at your campus 30 minutes ahead of your session start time. That will give you time to find the location of your session.
    1. Are you driving to orientation? Learn about parking options
  3. Attend your program-specific orientation session. 
  4. Explore orientation activities at your campus. Get to know staff, faculty and classmates!
  5. Consider attending events and activities at the London Campus location.