Improve your workplace communication skills

Newcomers to Canada often encounter barriers to employment, including lack of Canadian work experience, language barriers, differences in workplace culture, difficulties in obtaining recognition for foreign qualifications and international experience, discrimination and lack of workplace integration and diversity programs.

Pursue FREE newcomer service language training that will help you to:

  • communicate better with supervisors, colleagues and clients;
  • understand your sector and occupation in Canada;
  • understand Canadian workplace culture in your field; and
  • develop strong interviewing, networking and job-search communication skills.

Upcoming Occupation-specific Language Training (OSLT) courses

Accessing the Business Job Market | Online modules start May 3, 2021


This practical and innovative online course will help you:

  • conduct research related to a job search, such as labour market trends, occupational requirements, pathways for working in your occupation, networking opportunities and helpful resources;
  • analyze job ads to better understand what employers are looking for and how to tailor an application;
  • introduce yourself in the job search context;
  • describe your professional experience and present your knowledge, skills and attributes effectively;
  • create a plan for moving forward in a job search.

Note: Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of level 7 to 8 is required for this course.


Workplace Communication Skills for Professional Managers | Online classes start July 26, 2021
This online course focuses on the language and socio-cultural communication requirements of professional managers. The course will help you:
  • develop the language and communication skills needed to gather and share information with staff, colleagues, and upper levels of management;
  • communicate in one-on-one interactions, in meetings and through email;
  • manage challenging interactions with staff, colleagues and upper levels of management;
  • give presentations appropriate for managers.

Sector background knowledge and culture relevant to the workplace context in Ontario are explicitly addressed in communication practice tasks.

Workplace Communication Skills for Business | Online classes start September 13, 2021
This practical and innovative course will help you:

  • communicate using technology such as telephone and email;

  • manage interactions with colleagues, clients and business associates;

  • introduce yourself in work-related situations;

  • undertake employment and work-related interviews;

  • network effectively.


Workplace Communication Skills for Writing Professionally | Online classes start October 18, 2021


This practical and innovative course will help you:

  • develop a strategic approach to writing workplace communication;
  • understand purpose and audience in written workplace communication;
  • write effective emails to make requests, exchange information, make complaints and follow up.

Activities based on everyday written communication tasks in the workplace will help you use self-editing strategies to identify common personal errors and make changes; produce single- and multiple-paragraph professional writing for an appropriate audience and purpose.

Note: This course is for those who have completed OSLT training in Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Professional Managers or Technology.


NEW! | Workplace Communication Skills for Accessing the Health Care Job Market | Online classes start October 18, 2021


This online course focuses on the language and socio-cultural communication requirements for working in the health care sector at CLB 7 to 8. The course addresses the language and communication skills needed to introduce yourself professionally in the job search context, describe requirements for working in your chosen occupation in Ontario and develop a Job Action Plan for securing employment in your chosen occupation.


Workplace Communication Skills for Health Sciences | Online classes start December 13, 2021
This practical and innovative course will help you:

  • understand health care workplaces in Ontario such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes;

  • interact clearly and effectively with colleagues, clients and supervisors;

  • network and connect with local employers, industry associations and employment resources;

  • learn how to use your workplace communication training in health care settings such as: clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, community agencies, medical offices and residences.


Note: Due to COVID-19, classes are being offered virtually with access to live instructor support for your convenience.

Who is eligible?

Participants must be permanent residents who live in Ontario or protected persons who have training or experience in a specific occupation or sector, but need to improve their occupation-specific communication skills.

How to get started?


  • Step 1: Learn more about OSLT at Fanshawe by expanding the sections above.
  • Step 2: If you have questions about OSLT or would like to register, contact us at or 519-452-4430 x6501.
  • Step 3: Staff will book a one-on-one virtual or phone appointment with you to answer questions and help you register.


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