Wednesday, March 2, 2022
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Submitted by Lisa Holman, Co-op Consultant

It’s hard to believe we’re almost two years into the Covid-19 Pandemic which has normalized the term ‘working from home’ or ‘working remotely’. Initially this all happened very fast and was only supposed to be for a couple of weeks which, for many of us, meant less than ideal workspaces such as working from laptops at the dining room table or anywhere in the house we wouldn’t be interrupted.  As time went on it was clear we weren’t going back to the office as expected so many of us revamped areas in our homes to have a more proper office space; for us it was saying goodbye to the kids toy room which ended up being a welcome change for our household. As I reflect back on the past couple of years the famous quote from Maya Angelou comes to mind “when you know better you do better.” Let’s take a look at ways we can do better working from home to stay focused, productive, and enjoy the process.

Designated workspace

Ideally this isn’t going to be the kitchen table and is a space you can shut a door for privacy and stay focused. If others are working or studying from home make sure they are clear on when you need to have focus time and can't be interrupted. This will help keep any office supplies or paperwork in an organized manner where you need them and out of those high traffic areas of your home.

Maintain routine

The flexibility of working from home is great, but without the external influencers we would normally have in an office environment staying on track and doing our best work consistently can be more challenging. Trying to recreate a similar routine and environment that you’d have at the office is really important. For example, sitting down and getting to work at the same time every day will help you transition from home to work mode.

Stay connected

Working from home at times can feel very isolating so it’s important to schedule time to meet with your colleagues or friends on a regular basis to feel connected, supported and motivated. As well don’t under estimate a good playlist to help set the tone if things are feeling a bit too quiet.

Use a timer

Distractions are high working from home and using the timer on your phone is a great way to stay on task and not be distracted by household chores.  Be intentional with the task/time block you’ve set for yourself until the timer goes off. If your phone is the culprit of distraction utilize the airplane/focus/do not disturb modes – or leave it out of the room all together.

Take breaks

This one might seem obvious but it’s easy to get working away or caught up in meetings and not eat lunch or take a break from your desk. Getting up to move around, have a snack, go outside or at least to another room for a change of scenery will always leave you feeling refreshed when you return to your desk.

Get outside

By now you’ve noticed that working from home results in less steps and less fresh air especially in the cold winter months.  Commit to scheduling in a daily dose of fresh air and movement outside to clear your head and get your blood flowing.

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