Part-Time Post-Secondary Program Fees - 2021/22

Part-time post-secondary program fees are updated annually and charged on a per course basis each term. Part-time students may take up to three courses per term and course fees are determined by the number of course credit hours plus ancillary fees. 

Domestic Part-Time Post-Secondary Course Fees

Course fees for part-time post-secondary studies are generally calculated at $6.02 per student contact hour for tuition, plus part-time post-secondary ancillary fees. Ancillary fees are $50.20 per course when studying at any campus in London and $30 per course when studying online or at a Regional Campus.

Please note: These are estimate figures. Final costs are determined at time of invoicing.

Course credits

(Total course hours)

Course cost - All campuses in London(1)

(Over 15 weeks; Includes $50.20 ancillary fee per course)

Course cost - Online or Regional

(Over 15 weeks; Includes $30 ancillary fee per course)

1 (15 total hours) $140.50 $120.30
2 (30 total hours) $230.80 $210.60
3 (45 total hours) $321.10 $300.90
4 (60 total hours) $411.40 $391.20
5 (75 total hours) $501.7 $481.50
6 (90 total hours) $592 $571.80

1. London Campus, London Downtown Campus, London South Campus

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  • The deadline to withdraw with a partial credit of fees is within ten days of the beginning of a term. The non-refundable portion of the course service fee is $20.00 and is charged for withdrawal and/or course transfers done prior to the refund deadline. Courses withdrawn after the refund deadline will receive a ‘W’ grade and no refund.
  • Field Placement fees are $2.11 per hour; Clinical Placement fees are $6.02 per hour, and Graduate Field Placement (Post Diploma) course fees are $3.62 per hour.
  • Degree programs course fees will be $12.42 per hour. University level courses in Nursing may have different fees. Please check with Fees.
  • Co-op programs fee is $34.38 per course


Domestic Student Example

John, a Canadian student, is interested in taking the Business program part-time and online at Fanshawe. For the fall semester, he decides to take three courses:

  • Principles of Marketing 1 (3 credits = 45 total course hours)
  • Business Math (3 credits = 45 total course hours)
  • Strategies for Success (1 credit = 15 total course hours)

The cost is $6.02 per student contact hour and there is also a $30 ancillary fee per course for studying online. The cost breakdown per course is:

  • Principles of Marketing 1 (45 hrs x $6.02 = $270.90 + $30 ancillary fee = $300.90)
  • Business Math (45 hrs x $6.02 = $270.90 + $30 ancillary fee = $300.90)
  • Strategies for Success (15 hrs x $6.02 = $90.30 + $30 ancillary fee = $120.30)

Therefore, John's semester will cost $722.10 ($300.90 + $300.90 + $120.30).


IMPORTANT - International Students Studying Part-Time

International students are required to be registered full-time in accordance with immigration regulations. If it is not your final graduating semester, studying part-time may negatively impact your eligibility to work in Canada and your eligibility for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP). All international students are encouraged to make an appointment with an International Student Immigration Advisor to review their situation prior to registering part-time -