How to register with Accessibility Services

If you have a documented disability you are eligible to register with Accessibility Services (AS) for accommodations and support.  The process to register and receive academic accommodations is very easy. Please read the following information and view our "How to Register with Accessibility Services" video for more details.


Start by completing the Early I.D. Form by logging on to FanshaweOnline, look under “Resources” and click “Accessibility Online Services”.  Click the “Early I.D. Form” link, then click the “Register” button.

Please note: You must have an active FanshaweOnline (FOL) Account before you can access the Early I.D. Form.  If you have received your fee notice (either in the mail or via email), your FOL Account should be active.


Fill out and submit the Early I.D. Form. You will then receive an email from our intake coordinator requesting you submit disability documentation.  Documentation may include a copy of your Psychological-Educational Assessment, medical report or letter from your medical practitioner. Don't have current documentation? Have your medical practitioner complete the Confidential Disability Information Form which can be faxed, mailed or delivered to our office.


Our intake coordinator will invite you to attend an AS orientation session and provide you with your Accessibility Counsellor's contact information.  You can then proceed with booking an appointment with your AS counsellor who will work with you to determine appropriate accommodations.  Your counsellor will also review the various supports, services, and potential financial opportunities that may be available to you.


Planning ahead for your First year at Fanshawe? You must have an active FanshaweOnline (FOL) Account to complete the Early I.D. Form. Access to FOL is granted when you have confirmed your offer of admission by paying your $500 deposit.  If you would like to learn more about Accessibility Services before the deposit due date, please contact our Intake Facilitator ( to arrange an appointment with an Accessibility Services team member.


Remember: Please register for Accessibility Services through Early I.D. as soon as your FOL Account becomes active. Once your Early I.D. is received, you will be connected with your AS Counsellor to put your accommodations in place for the coming year!


Congratulations for taking these important steps to support your academic success.

Contact Accessibility Services

Phone 519-452-4282
Fax 519-453-2826


Room F2010, London Campus
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