Boozhoo, Aanii, Shekoli, Koola Maalsi, Tansi, Wachay, Taanishi, Kwey, Shekon, Tungasugit, Oki!

At Fanshawe, we welcome all walks of life on Turtle Island. We understand how impactful post-secondary education can be in a person’s life and we are here to help First Nations, Métis and Inuit students from the beginning and all throughout their academic endeavors. 

We proudly offer a community where students can be their authentic selves and receive culturally enriching supports while they study.

Support at your fingertips

We use email to share information that helps you make the best decision for your educational journey. Learn from other students, stay up-to-date on events, information sessions and important dates. Complete this form to sign-up.  




Benefits of Post-Secondary

  • Our unique learning environments set students up for success.
  • Increased employment opportunities: 83% of graduates are employed within six months of graduating! *Based on Fanshawe’s graduates
  • Build your community. Network with students, staff, faculty and employers. 

We are Indigenous


The Institute of Indigenous Learning at Fanshawe is waiting to welcome you. We are a team of dedicated staff who come from across Turtle Island and provide student support to all of our Indigenous students. We are your home away from home. 


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Ready to Apply? We Can Help!

Whether you’re interested in a full-time, part-time, preparatory program or just have questions, we are here for you. Here are some ways we can help: 

  • Walk you through the application process.
  • Still feeling unsure? Connect with us for guidance on whether we have a program that’s right for you. 
  • Access funding information: OSAP, Sponsorships, Bursaries and more


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