Field Placement information by program 

Autism and Behavioural Science

A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Assist in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disabilities.
  • Complete behavioural assessments to determine skill level.
  • Understand the reason challenging behaviours occur.
  • Develop teaching plans to teach communication, academic, social, or life skills.
  • Develop plans to decrease challenging behaviour
  • Utilize technology (iPad) to enhance learning for individuals.

For more information on placements for the Autism & Behavioural Science program, please contact:

Jocelyn Prosser

Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership

A student may complete the following tasks: 

FLDP 7015: Practicum 0-3 Years 

  • Critically reflect and integrate course knowledge from level one into practice. 
  • Work collaboratively with classroom RECE's to consolidate knowledge in building responsive relationships. 
  • Observe, document and develop curriculum that is child-centred, play-based and linked to evidence-based practices and the Four Foundations of Learning. 

FLDP 7017: Practicum 3-6 Years 

  • Build on foundational knowledge gained in the first field experience in a school-age setting (typically a Kindergarten classroom) focusing on inclusive relationships/practices within the organization. 
  • Work collaboratively with an educator team to discuss program-related issues and evidence-based pedagogical practices. 
  • Observe, document, develop and assess play-based curriculum in a culture of inquiry. 

Internship COOP ECL1W 

  • Apply strategies to support continuous learning and promote effective pedagogical practices in an Early Years setting. 
  • 420 mentored hours in an Early Years Program; childcare, related child & family service, or relevant government agency (can be international). 
  • Explore various facets of leadership and move beyond the foundational skills of a classroom-based early childhood educator to act as a leader within their setting. 

FLDP 7007: Solutions for Early Childhood Leadership 

  • 152 mentored hours in an Early Years Program; childcare, related child & family service, or relevant government agency (often students return to their internship agency). 
  • Evaluate and propose a solution (specific project) that addresses an identified program issue related to curriculum and pedagogy. 
  • The project is an opportunity for ECL students to gain expertise in a subject matter, and to collaborate with their internship/agency mentor. 

For more information on placements for the Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership program, please contact:

Mary Mitches

Child and Youth Care

Advanced diploma

A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Develop therapeutic relationships with children and youth while maintaining appropriate boundaries.
  • Implement behaviour interventions consistent with a child’s developmental stages.
  • Design and conduct therapeutic programming and activities for children and youth of various ages and needs.
  • Design and use selected behaviour management techniques in keeping with the level of the clients' understanding.
  • Employ a variety of skills to defuse a crisis and restore the client to calm behaviour.
  • Locates and critically evaluates community resources for programs and activities as appropriate. Connects children, youth and families to them.
  • Design and facilitate group work.
  • Accurately record relevant interactions and issues in the client-practitioner relationships.

For more information on placements for the Child & Youth Care (CYW) program, please contact:

Kristen Fryer

Developmental Services Worker


A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Work with children and adults with developmental disabilities, including autism in a variety of community and educational settings.
  • Provide health care and administer medications.
  • Teach skills to people with developmental disabilities.
  • Perform functional behavioural assessments and implement behavioural interventions based upon these assessments.
  • Implement augmentative communication strategies such as Boardmaker.
  • Demonstrate effective and appropriate communication strategies and counselling techniques when working with people with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Facilitate community participation.
  • Lead and implement person-directed planning.
  • Report incidents of abuse of children and adults with developmental disabilities in accordance with provincial legislation.

For more information on placements for the Developmental Services Worker program, please contact:

Holly Duff, Field coordinator

Early Childhood Education


A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Develop caring and nurturing relationships with children birth to 2 years.
  • Design, plan, and implement a play-based emergent curriculum.
  • Work with children, families, and community in a variety of early years settings.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and professionalism in child development and best practice in early childhood.
  • Provide safe, supportive learning environments for children birth-12 years.

For more information on placements for the Early Childhood Education program, please contact:

Kim Woods RECE, BA
Field Practicum Coordinator,

Human Services Foundation


A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Be an effective volunteer in a variety of Human Service settings including (but not limited to) working with seniors in long term care facilities/nursing homes, early childhood settings, school aged youth, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues, immigrants, marginalized populations, and housing supports.
  • Demonstrate the ability to relate to people in basic helping situations in a positive and supportive manner.
  • Identify the needs of the populations served by specific human services agencies and support the agencies to carry out their goals.
  • Interact with other professionals in the Field of Human Services to contribute to the advancement of the organization.
  • Serve as an advocate to communicate to others, the needs of the specific population served.
  • Work collaboratively to support individuals to realize their potential.

For more information on placements for the Human Services Foundation program, please contact:

Cori DuHasky

Recreation and Leisure Services


A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Design, plan, implement, and evaluate activities and/or projects and events.
  • Bring new ideas and technology skills to the organization.
  • Develop and lead new initiatives.
  • Modify recreation programs and activities aimed at creating inclusive environments for all participants.
  • Investigate grant opportunities and write proposals.
  • Organize and lead fundraising initiatives.

For more information on placements for the Recreation and Leisure Services program, please contact:

Jeff Sadler

Social Service Worker


A student may complete the following tasks:

  • Provide supportive counselling in a variety of settings with diverse populations.
  • Develop community initiatives.
  • Design and implement various intervention techniques.
  • Accurately document information and interactions.
  • Utilize a variety of skills related to crisis situations.
  • Access community resources for diverse client needs.

For more information on placements for the Social Service Worker Program, please contact:

Sarah Ashkanase, M.A., RSW


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