Summer 2024 course options

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6hrs per week (6hr online) | 3 credits each

Course Dates: May 6, 2023 – June 21, 2024


Please note: Course options are subject to change without notice due to changes in planning. Please double-check course lists prior to completing your registration to ensure specific courses are still offered.

FILM-1020-81 Film Genres – Intro 

This course is designed to develop a critical approach to the medium of film by looking specifically at the genres that have developed over the 20th Century; to examine individual creative expression in the films of important directors from Hollywood, with emphasis on cinematic history and theory; to develop the ability to identify technical aspects of film and to discern mediocre and excellent use of film making technique.

HIST-1009-80 Contemporary History 

Only by knowing where we came from can we begin to know where we are going. This course explores the important events of the 20th century or what has been referred to as the 'revolutionary century'. Through a global perspective, we will examine such monumental events as the First and Second World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Fascism, the Cold War and how they shaped the world today. The course will also focus on the economic, political, and cultural significance of these events globally, focusing on several different countries.

INDS-1130-80 Disability Studies 

Have you ever noticed how many movie villains walk with a limp, have a scar across their face, or are part bionic? Have you ever wanted to know why they do. . . and why our heroes do not? This course explores cultural representations of disabilities. While uncovering a wide range of disabled representations on the page, the stage, and the screen, we will seek to understand the social stigmas surrounding disabled identities. We will also think about how disability as a marker of difference connects to other misunderstood or misrepresented identities by considering markers of race, class, religion, and gender.

PSYC-1123-80 Art of Intelligence

This course introduces students to the various forms and theories of intelligence. Topics include creativity, emotional intelligence, non-verbal intelligence, social intelligence, mindfulness, learning disabilities and exceptionalities. This course comprehensively examines the role of intelligence for personal and professional success, as well as the application of both verbal and non-verbal forms.

RELG-1003-80 World Religions – Intro    

This course seeks to explore some of the world's major religious traditions. We will look at the historical, social, and cultural legacies of these faith-based traditions with an eye toward understanding how religion has helped to define our world. This introductory course will address many world religions including but not limited to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. No religious affiliation is presumed. Moreover, the fundamental assumption for the course is that it is possible to learn about and from a variety of different religious traditions without seeking to make students adherents of a single religious tradition or adherents of the notion that all religious traditions are basically the same.