Entrance Opportunities for First Year Students

Entrance award, scholarship and bursary opportunities are offered to students who have recently graduated from high school and are entering their first year of studies at Fanshawe College. Entrance opportunities currently available include:

Schulich Builders Scholarship

Schulich Builders Scholarships are awarded to students enrolling in full-time certificate and diploma programs within eligible skilled trade fields at participating Ontario colleges. Colleges offer the scholarships in programs with the most in-demand jobs in the skilled trade sector in Ontario. 

The Joyce Family Foundation Bursary

The Joyce Family Foundation Bursary is available to students entering the first level of any post-secondary program at Fanshawe College who have overcome significant hardship. Recipients may receive a tuition payment of $1,500 per academic term, to a maximum of $5,000 annually. 

Canerector Scholars Program

The Canerector Scholars Program is available to students enrolled in eligible skilled trade programs with an interest in leadership. Scholars may receive an initial $1,000 tuition payment, as well as a $1,000 tuition payment per academic term for the duration of their program (up to $7,000).

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A scholarship is an award based on academic achievement. Other criteria may be considered, like leadership skills or community involvement. You don't have to repay a scholarship.


A bursary is an award for a student in financial need. Bursaries are designed to help students who can show that they require additional resources to meet their education and living expenses. Some may be based partly on your marks as well. You don’t have to repay a bursary.

Paying for College

Pursuing higher education can be an enriching experience, but the cost of college tuition and related expenses can be daunting. There are various avenues available to make higher education more accessible. Understanding these resources and how to leverage them effectively is crucial for students seeking to finance their college education without undue financial burden.


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