The application form and Fanshawe College

Everything starts with your application. The college has united with all Ontario Colleges to offer one application at You cannot apply in person or using paper, but instead need to use this website. If you need help, call 1 888.892.2228 to have a staff member walk you through your application.

We cannot begin to process your application until you have paid the application fee and submitted your transcripts. You should get a response from the college within a week of or sending us your application and transcripts. It is best if you order your transcripts electronically through or If you mail us a copy or bring them to us in person, it can slow down application processing by up to two weeks. For help submitting your transcripts see the application websites (college application transcript help or collaborative degree application transcript help).

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for your program can be found on each individual program page.

In accordance with Ministry Policy, the admission requirements or eligibility criteria for each program will be established on a program specific basis. Unless otherwise stated, the standard academic admission requirement for post-secondary programs is one of the following:

  1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with courses at the College (C), Mixed (M) or University (U) Level, OR
  2. Academic and Career Entrance Certificate (ACE), OR
  3. an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (GED) or the equivalent, OR
  4. a mature applicant with standing in the required courses where applicable (Mature applicant = someone who does not have a high school diploma who is over the age of 19). Mature applicants must still have transcripts showing credit in the courses listed as admission requirements.

In accordance with Ministry Policy, where the number of program-eligible applicants exceeds available spaces, applicants will be accepted into programs according to the following order of preference:

  1. Permanent residents of Ontario
  2. Permanent residents of other provinces and territories in Canada
  3. Other applicants

Please ensure that you send to

  • Current transcripts from your secondary school so that we may consider you for your program choice(s) with your application.
  • Final transcripts from your secondary school to ensure that we have your complete academic record, as soon as they are available. Ontario college and/or university transcripts can be requested online through All Ontario college and university transcripts must be sent from institution to institution. Out-of-province post-secondary transcripts should be sent directly to
  • Proof of successful completion of all academic course pre-requisites as well as any non-academic requirements prior to the start of classes.

Applicants with disabilities

Applicants who have a disability will be considered in accordance with Fanshawe College Policy A108, Admission of Students to College Diploma and Certificate Programs and the provisions of the Fanshawe College Policy A101, Accommodation of Applicants and Students with Disabilities. For further information, please contact our Accessibility Services at 519-452-4282.

Applicants from outside Ontario

Applicants from outside Ontario who have attained an academic standing considered by the College to be equivalent to an OSSD will be considered for admission to the College. However, those programs which are considered to be "over-subscribed" are not open to non-Ontario residents.

Applicants for whom English is a second language

Applications for admission from students for whom English is a second language will be considered in accordance with Fanshawe College Admissions Policy A108. For information on English Language Requirements test scores, visit our English Language Institute page. For information on upgrading your English skills, or Fanshawe College’s English Language Evaluation, see the English Language Institute.

An admission timeline and checklist

  • October

  • Research: Find out what program is right for you with the Fanshawe Pathfinder.
  • Visit: Go on a campus tour, meet with an Admissions and Pathways Advisor and/or attend one of our Open Houses.
  • Applications open on (OCAS) or (OUAC). All applications received by February 1 are considered equally. After this date, we fill programs on a first come, first served basis. View a list of programs currently accepting applications.  Please note: Applications for students wishing to enter the winter or summer terms are processed year round and are not subject to the same timelines. Specific dates, information and instructions will be communicated throughout the year. If you have any questions, please call us at 519-452-4277.
  • November 1

Colleges begin to receive applications OCAS and OUAC.

  • Mid-November

Fall Open House, come check out our programs!

  • December

Colleges begin to communicate with applicants. First communication is a WebAdvisor user name and password. Further communication is most often asking for more information from incomplete applications or letting applicants know they are ineligible.

  • February 1

Equal consideration deadline for OCAS.

  • February 2

The first wave of offers of admission are sent to applicants. An email is sent followed by a paper letter. We use the contact information you typed into your OCAS application.

  • February 15

Application deadline for collaborative degree programs on OUAC.

  • Mid-March

Offers for oversubscribed programs are sent out.

  • March

Spring Open House, confirm your offer of admission, and meet your future teachers!

  • May 1

  • Accept: Deadline to confirm your offer. Applicants who do not respond may have their offer revoked so that a student from a waitlist may be offered a spot in the program.
  • Residence: Once you have confirmed your offer of admission, you can apply to live in residence. We also offer services for those who wish to live off campus.
  • Funding: Complete your OSAP application; Attend a Financial Readiness Session; Apply for a Fanshawe College entrance bursary (deadline is June 30)
  • Accessibility: Identify any accessibility needs early, so any learning or physical accommodations can be in place when the semester starts.
  • June 15

$250 non-refundable deadline due. Applicants who do not make this payment may have their offer revoked so that a student from a waitlist may be offered a spot in the program.

Applicants who apply after February 1 can expect to hear from the college within 3 weeks of completing their application. All applicants are given two weeks to confirm their offer of admission.

Starting in January, March or May? The timeline for applying is much the same. For the rest of this list, think in terms of months/weeks before your first day of class.

How we contact you

Beginning in early December (for a September start), Fanshawe Admissions staff will start contacting you to ensure your application is complete. We use email as our primary method of communication. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date on Add the address to your spam filters or check your junk mail folder. Check your email regularly.

You don’t need to wait for us… all of your application information is located on WebAdvisor. This is a password protected web portal that contains your application status, fee information, and demographic information. This will also be the place you will find your class schedule or register for courses. Our very first communication to you provides you with your user name and password.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. For real time updates on everything at Fanshawe, or just to chat with your future classmates, follow us!

Our relationship is with you, the student, and your information is private.

College staff cannot disclose personal information (such as grades, fees, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) to third parties, including parents, without the written approval of the student. For more information, please contact the Records area of the Registrar's Office at (519) 452-4430 extension 4687.

OSAP: You need to give permission which is separate from the Office of the Registrar form. You are the only person we may release OSAP information to (after identity questions have been verified) unless you specify another person on your OSAP application.

How to grant consent: Fill out the "Release of Information to Others" section in your profile on the OSAP website with the information of the person who will have access to your information. The consent gives this person access to all information in your OSAP file for a five year period.

Fanshawe College adheres to the Freedom of Information and Projection of Privacy Act. The information collected by Fanshawe College is collected under the legal authority of the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002, Ontario Regulation 34/03. The information is used for administrative, statistical, safety and security purposes of the college and/or the ministries and agencies of the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada. Fanshawe College is required to report student-level enrolment-related data to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities under the authority of the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, Chapter 8, Schedule F, Section 6. The Ministry collects this data, which includes limited personal information such as Ontario Education Numbers, student characteristics and educational outcomes, in order to administer government postsecondary funding, policies and programs, including planning, evaluation and monitoring activities.