Employers are looking for students with a broad-based education, with knowledge of topics beyond their vocational program.  General Education courses are therefore required by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities for all post-secondary students.  The purpose of a Gen Ed course is to provide breadth of knowledge outside of the student’s program area, with the ultimate goal of developing a student’s sense of social responsibility and citizenship.

According to ministry guidelines, Gen Ed courses fall into one of the following ‘themes’ or subject areas:  Arts in Society, Civic Life, Social and Cultural Understanding, Personal Understanding, and Science and Technology.  We offer a very wide variety of Gen Ed courses at Fanshawe, in subjects such as Anthropology, Film, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, History, Cultural Studies, Indigenous Studies, and much more. We are continuously developing new courses to offer each semester to keep our curriculum relevant and interesting to students. 

Fall 2020 Course Registration

General Education Elective registration for the Fall 2020 term will begin on Friday August 21, 2020 at 12:01 a.m.

Please review the How to Register documentation prior to the registration date. For Part-time students, and students who are not scheduled to take a General Education Elective in the Fall 2020 term, please review the information related to out-of-sequence, overload, and part-time students.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 developments, course offerings and delivery methods are subject to change.

Please take some time to review the wide variety of General Education courses offered at Fanshawe.  We hope you find something you enjoy!


General Education Electives - Diploma

General Education Electives - Diploma (Part-time)

General Education Electives - Degree Students

General Education Electives - Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Students



Looking for more information?

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