Welcome to Fanshawe's course selection (online process) for full-time students on WebAdvisor

Who can use the course selection process?

Online course selection is available for the General Arts and Science program and for General Education electives.

Note: Students in other programs are enrolled in their courses and sections by Fanshawe staff in the academic school (excluding general education electives). You will receive an email when your timetable/schedule is available.

What is the benefit of the course selection process?

For programs with multiple sections, you will be able to pick the schedule that is right for you, that meets your needs and your lifestyle! You will become aware of your program requirements and will be able to see your progress toward graduation. General Arts and Science students will use their Course Catalog (available online) to guide them through the process and use the course schedule planning tool to help build a schedule.

The following are your next steps.

  1. Tuition payment:
    You will receive your fee invoice from the College. Payment is required to proceed to course selection.
  2. Review your program requirements:
    Review My Progress on WebAdvisor to plan your courses.
  3. Review our online resources:
  4. Review our program/course resources:
  5. I'm ready to start my course selection:
    • Connect to WebAdvisor to begin your course selection (see "Express Registration" or "Search and Register for Courses").
  6. Check to confirm your registration is complete: Once you have completed your course selection on WebAdvisor:
    • View your schedule/timetable (see "Class Schedule Grid Layout" or "Class Schedule List").
    • View My Progress on WebAdvisor to confirm the courses you selected meet your program requirements.

Need assistance?

If you need additional assistance with WebAdvisor or completing the course selection process, please click here for additional information.