We will send you a paper package with our decision on your application. Read the letter and everything in the package very carefully. Everything you need to know is in the package.

Offers are conditional

All offers of admission from Fanshawe College are conditional. If you are current high school student, your offer is valid on the condition that you receive a high school diploma. For current high school students and all other applicants, your offer is valid on the condition that you complete any missing admission requirements and receive the minimum grades required. For applicants in a Fanshawe College preparatory program (i.e. Pre-Health Science), your offer is valid on the condition that you finish your program with the required GPA. These are but three examples of conditions. Read your decision letter very carefully, the conditions in place for you are listed on your letter. If you have any questions, contact a Pre-Admission and Pathways Advisor at advising@fanshawec.ca or 519-452-4277.

The last date to submit proof of completion of any outstanding admission requirements is three weeks before classes begin. For current college or university applicants, GPA requirements must be completed by the end of the winter semester.

Why would an offer of admission be revoked?

  1. The applicant did not confirm their offer of admission by the confirmation due date noted on the Decision Letter (May 1 for almost everyone).
  2. The applicant did not complete their outstanding admission conditions (i.e. didn’t finish a course, finished the course, but the mark was too low, GPA in Pre-Health was less than 3.0, etc.).
  3. The applicant did not pay the non-refundable tuition deposit by the deadline.