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After completing a Fanshawe program, you may be able to take credits with you into another related Fanshawe program. You can also advance your career with a post-graduate certificate program.

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Explore pathways within Fanshawe programs

Diploma to degree

Fanshawe’s Honours Bachelor’s Degrees offer pathways from related Fanshawe diplomas or advanced diplomas, giving you the opportunity to graduate with a degree sooner.

Fanshawe degrees offer:

To explore pathways into Fanshawe bachelor degrees:

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Search possible pathways in the Fanshawe Pathways Database.


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If you meet the eligibility requirements to pathway into a Fanshawe degree, review the Program Transfer section below for details on how to apply.


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If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, or your program is not listed, you may still be eligible for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis. Speak with your Program Coordinator or with an Admissions and Pathways Advisor to explore your options, and review the Internal Credit section below for details on how to apply.


Apprenticeship pathways

Pathways between apprenticeships and certificates or diplomas allow you to enhance your employability and get recognition for your previous experience.

  • As a journeyperson, you may have the opportunity to be exempted from level 1 of a related certificate or diploma program.
  • As a certificate or diploma graduate, you may be eligible for exemption from one or more levels of a related apprenticeship program.

To learn about pathways to and from apprenticeship programs, speak to your Program Coordinator.

General Arts and Science pathways

General Arts and Science offers the preparation you need to continue your studies at the college or the university level, whether at Fanshawe or beyond, allowing you to explore different interests and broaden your future possibilities.

Visit the Fanshawe Pathways Database to find available pathways and contact the General Arts and Science Program Coordinator to discuss your options.

Apply for program transfer

After completing one or more levels of a Fanshawe program, you may be eligible to transfer into another program beyond level one.

Note: Applications to Level One must be submitted through

To apply for a program transfer:
  1. Complete and submit the Re-admission/Program Transfer Form;
  2. The Academic School will assess the application for program transfer;
  3. The Office of the Registrar will contact you once the decision is made.

Note: To be eligible for any College credential, you must be enrolled and complete at least 25% of that program's credit units at Fanshawe College, unless stipulated differently by other approving bodies such as the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB), in alignment with College Policy A122: Graduation from Approved College Programs.

Apply for internal credit

Internal credit allows you to get credit for a Fanshawe course based on previous credit achieved in a different Fanshawe course.

To be eligible for internal credit, courses will have at least 80% comparable content and learning outcomes. A minimum passing grade must be achieved to grant the Internal Credit, in alignment with College Policy A124: Recognition for Prior Learning. Some courses or programs may require a higher grade.

To apply for internal credit:
  1. Check the College Academic Calendars to find out the deadline for course credit application;
  2. Apply for credit online by submitting the Course Credit Transfer Form;
  3. The academic school will assess the application for internal credit;
  4. The academic school will notify you of the decision. Once approved, internal credits will show on your Program Evaluation Summary (EVAL) in WebAdvisor.
Did you know?

Here are other program pathway options that you can explore:

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Fanshawe one-year certificate programs introduce you to skills needed in a specific field and prepare you to complete a related diploma, advanced diploma or degree at Fanshawe or another college or university. Check out our preparatory programs to learn more.


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Fanshawe graduate certificates offer career-focused curriculum to complement your diploma, advanced diploma, degree or work experience and build on the knowledge and skills you've acquired. To learn more, check out our graduate certificate programs.


For more information, please contact:

Admissions and Pathways Advisors
Office of the Registrar