Whether you have finished a program or not, Fanshawe offers a range of credentials to help you reach your career goals.

Transfer within Fanshawe after completing a credential


Apprenticeship to Certificate/Diploma: Fanshawe offers a range of Apprenticeship programs. In some cases, apprentices have the opportunity to be exempted from level 1 of a related certificate or diploma program. As an apprentice, there are many benefits to continuing your education in a post-secondary program, including: improving your skills, increasing your employability and gaining credit for your experience when changing trades.

Certificate to Diploma: One-year certificate programs, including preparatory studies, are designed for you to explore your interests and prepare you for the next step. After completing a certificate, you'll be ready to apply for the diploma program of your choice.

Diploma to Advanced Diploma: Starting with a two-year diploma can build foundational knowledge in your chosen field of study. Upon successful completion of your diploma, you may have the option to advance your education simply by completing the third year of an advanced diploma program.

Diploma/Advanced Diploma to Degree: If you've successfully completed a diploma or advanced diploma, you may be eligible to bridge into an honours bachelor's degree program, giving you the opportunity to graduate with a degree sooner. 

Diploma/Advanced Diploma/Degree/Work Experience to Graduate Certificate: Graduate certificates build on the knowledge and skills you've acquired through your past post-secondary education and employment experience. A diploma, advanced diploma, degree or an acceptable combination of work experience and post-secondary education is required for admission.

General Arts and Science to Diploma and Advanced Diplomas:  As a graduate of General Arts and Science, the following internal credits will be automatically applied to your next Fanshawe program: 

  • WRIT-1030
  • COMM-XXXX (Does not include COMM courses in the School of Health Sciences or the Faculty of Technology)
  • General Education Electives (Does not include Languages, Science or Math academic upgrading courses)

Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma to General Arts and Science: As a current Fanshawe student, you can gain the following credits after transferring into General Arts and Science:

  • WRIT-1030
  • COMM-XXXX (Does not include COMM courses in the School of Health Sciences or the Faculty of Technology)
  • General Education Electives (Does not include Languages, Science or Math academic upgrading courses)
  • Up to 9 credits (3 courses) from your current program (You must complete a minimum of 9 credits to successfully complete the General Arts and Science program)


Transfer from one Fanshawe program into another


After completing one or more levels of a Fanshawe program, you may be eligible to transfer into another program beyond level one. Note: Applications to Level One must be submitted through ontariocolleges.ca.

How to apply for program transfer

  1. Complete and submit the Re-Admission/Program Transfer form
  2. The Academic school will assess the application for program transfer.
  3. The Office of the Registrar will contact you once the decision is made.

Note: You must satisfy the College Residency requirement to be eligible for a College Credential (in accordance with College Policy A122).


Transfer a course/courses taken at Fanshawe


Internal credit is credit granted by the College for one Fanshawe College course on the basis of previous credit achieved in a different Fanshawe College course. Courses will have at least 80% comparable content and learning outcomes. A minimum passing grade must be achieved to grant the internal credit. Some courses or programs may require a higher grade. 

How to apply for internal credit

  1. Complete and submit the Course Credit Transfer form.
  2. The academic school will assess the application for Internal Credit.
  3. The academic school will notify you of the decision. Once approved, internal credits will show on your Program Evaluation Summary (EVAL) in WebAdvisor.