Academic integrity while studying online

Friday, July 31, 2020
Academic integrity while studying online

There are many things students can do to achieve, and maintain, academic integrity while studying online.

When it comes to written assignments, remember that your instructors want to know how well you understand the course material. They need to be sure that you’re developing important skills and building on the knowledge that you’ll need to continue in your program and eventually excel in the workplace. Write your assignments in your own words, and if you’re incorporating text or content into your written assignments that come from other sources, remember to use in-text quotations and citations and include a list of references—both components are required in order to meet citation requirements. It’s also important to know when it’s permitted to collaborate with other students on assignments and when they’re to be completed individually. Your instructor is the best person to consult if you have questions about an assignment and its instructions. 

When it comes to quizzes, tests and exams, remember that these are to be completed individually and that collaboration and communication of any kind with other students while an evaluation is underway is not permitted. It’s important that you understand whether materials, resources and technology can be used during an evaluation and, if so, what kinds can be used. Sometimes the use of a textbook is permitted, sometimes you might be required to have a calculator at hand, but accessing websites by opening other tabs or using other devices is rarely permitted. Your instructor is the best person to consult if you have questions about an evaluation and what is permitted and prohibited while an evaluation is underway. 

The Academic Integrity Office’s webpage includes information on academic integrity, academic offences and penalties and resources for APA and MLA Citation, TurnItIn and for achieving and maintaining academic integrity.

The Library’s outreach staff are available to assist with research and citing. You can contact them with questions or to book an online or over-the-phone appointment. 

The Learning Centre is also operating online and can assist with writing and citing, math, science and language needs.

You can also contact the Academic Integrity office with questions. Meaghan Shannon, manager, Academic Integrity can be reached at

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