Thursday, November 1, 2018
Be your own boss

Tired of working for someone else? Want to work for yourself instead? Before you make any plans, there is one key word that you need to keep in mind: honesty.

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1  Be honest about the reason.

Are you passionate about your business? Don’t do it for the money or because you won’t have a boss, or so you can make your own hours. None of these are likely to be reality, especially at the start. But if you love what you do, you won’t work another day in your life!

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2  Be honest about your people skills.

Can you really lead and connect with people? All of us like to think we’re great 'people persons', but that isn’t always the case. Remember, no one can do everything perfectly. You have the great idea; it’s okay to get help running the business.

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3  Be honest about finances.

Do you have access to enough money? Don’t underestimate how much you will need to get started and ensure you can get more if needed – not just to start, but as you grow.

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4  Be honest about your idea.

Does your idea really offer something of value? What makes it unique? What makes it better than what is currently available? Have you asked and listened?

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5  Be honest about your ability to communicate.

Are you a good speaker/listener? You need to be able to relate to your customers, speak their language - to explain your business idea clearly and concisely and in such a way that people will want to be your customer. If not, are you willing to learn?


About the expert

Bette Rowe owned a computer training and consulting business prior to joining Fanshawe in 1996. She has worked in a number of roles since then, including the development of programs, and is currently the coordinator of the Business – Entrepreneurship and Management and Office Administration – Executive programs at the Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus.

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