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What do IT Systems Analysts do?

Technical Systems Analysts, also sometimes referred to as IT Systems Analysts, play a crucial role in the development and implementation of information systems within an organization. Their primary responsibilities involve analyzing, designing and evaluating technical systems and processes to meet business requirements.

While they may work directly in IT systems to evaluate hardware, software, networks and security, they may also work with data to analyze business performance using tools like SQL for database queries.

What skillset do Technical Systems Analysts need?

Technical Systems Analysts need a combination of technical skills, analytical thinking and effective communication to be successful in their roles. Technical Systems Analysts are often expected to have a wider skill set that includes both technical and business expertise. These skills collectively enable Technical Systems Analysts to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions, ensuring the successful development and implementation of information systems within an organization.

Study to Become an IT Systems Analyst

Technical Systems Analysis

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Learn how to collect and understand vast amounts of data to help make business decisions in this one-year graduate certificate program at Fanshawe. Prepare for a career as a Technical Systems Analyst by building a solid foundation in key aspects of the career including business data analysis and modelling, application software development, business process and resource planning and communication skills.

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Career Opportunities

Demand for professionals in IT and technical systems analysis roles in Canada is expected to grow with opportunities for career advancement and specialization within the field. There are opportunities for IT analysis in many industries, including tech, marketing, financial, manufacturing and more. Here are some of those career opportunities:

  • Technical Systems Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Implementation Specialist

  • Information Systems Analyst

Earning Potential


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