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Cyber security careers offer interesting and engaging opportunities in the field of information technology (IT). Given the exponential growth of tech use both in our personal lives and within professional organizations, keeping technology environments secure is more important than ever before. 

Cyber security professionals play a crucial role in protecting the sensitive information, networks and systems of organizations from cyber threats and attacks. Their responsibilities include a wide range of activities such as risk assessment, implementing security measures and incident response.

Success in Cyber Security

Succeeding in a cyber security career requires a blend of essential qualities. Perhaps most obviously, technical skills are a must. With a good technical background, professionals are able to easily navigate IT systems and networks to respond to cyber threats. Additionally, an analytical mindset will enable you to think critically about complex situations and assess potential risks, understand security incidents and come up with strategic solutions to mitigate threats. Another key quality for success includes a commitment to continuous learning so that cyber security professionals can stay updated on emerging threats and evolving technologies, allowing them to adapt to situations and new challenges.

Study for a Cyber Security Career

Network and Security Architecture

Girl working on computer wires

This one-year graduate certificate program will prepare you to protect the systems that run our network and economy. Learn to design, deploy, support and secure network and server infrastructures at various scales. Specialize in advanced networking and security concepts to fill in-demand roles in the industry.

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Information Security Management

Information Security Management student working on computer in classroom lab

Boost your career with this one-year graduate certificate at Fanshawe. Develop the skills needed to identify vulnerabilities and safeguard information, from practical skills to soft skills and everything in between.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security student working on their laptop

Get hands-on experience as you study a wide breadth of cyber security topics in this three-year advanced diploma. Start with the basics and advance through important topics in the field to prepare you for a cyber security career wherein you will be able to implement critical infrastructure, mitigate cyber threats and respond to security breaches.

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Career Opportunities

In the field of cyber security, demand is only expected to continue to grow. Organizations are looking to fill many entry-, mid- and advanced-level roles. Here are some of the roles available:

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Forensic Analyst
  • Risk Manager
  • Network & Security Technician

Earning Potential

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