DIY nature-inspired winter arrangement

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Do it yourself winter arraignments

Make a nature-inspired winter arrangement for your porch, driveway or yard. By waiting until it’s freezing outside, your arrangement will maintain its colour all winter long. Your local nursery or florist is a great place to buy natural elements.


Supply list 

  • Container (e.g. decorative urn, planter or container that will withstand the cold of winter)
  • Sand, soil or wet floral foam
  • Assortment of evergreen boughs (e.g. cedar, pine, boxwood or balsam)
  • Branches (e.g. dogwood or birch poles)
  • Dried flowers (e.g. hydrangea blooms)
  • Pinecones, fruit or other natural elements


DIY Winter Arrangment


Step one:

Fill your container with sand or soil, or use a smaller container filled with wet floral foam and place it into your larger container.


Step two:

Place branches, such as dogwood or birch poles, radiating out from the centre as they
would grow naturally.

Tip: If you use dogwood, spray it with a car care product, such as Armorall, to lock
in moisture and give it a shine.

Step three:

Add your evergreens, one variety at a time. Start with the tallest variety and position them around the branches in a circular fashion, placing each stem on an angle with the good side facing toward the centre. Adjust stem placement to the edge of the container. The lowest branches will be at about 90 degrees from the ground.


Create your own winter arrangement

Step four:

Tuck boxwood cuttings into any open spaces for extra texture.


Step five:

Add long stems of dried flowers, such as hydrangeas, to the arrangement. For extra
colour and interest, add pinecones or other natural elements.


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