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Monday, October 29, 2018
Follow the High Five principles of career development

How’s your job search going? By applying these proven "High Five" principles of career development, you will find the work you love!

Change is constant

1  Change is constant.

  • Embrace change - it brings unexpected opportunities if you’re open and adaptable.
  • Be ready - every day, new jobs are emerging and old jobs are changing due to globalization, technology, environmentalism and demographics.

Follow your heart

2  Follow your heart.

  • Know your own values, interests, skills and dreams - they increase your probability of finding work you love.
  • Be clear about what excites you - happy people are productive people.

Stay learning

3  Stay learning.

  • Lifelong learning is key to success and happiness, so be aware of ongoing opportunities.
  • Personal growth occurs continuously, and learning can be formal and informal.
  • Explore new ways to add to your toolkit, whether it’s a part-time course, a hobby, a volunteer leadership role or a full-time return to school.

Focus on the journey

4  Focus on the journey.

  • Set short and long-term goals, and identify quick steps to get moving!
  • Pay attention to what’s happening around you - new ideas can tweak your goals.
  • Enjoy the journey - your career is a lifelong process, so appreciate each work experience.

Access your allies

5  Access your allies.

  • Tell people about your goals - family, friends and colleagues love to share ideas.
  • Build and sustain positive relationships and nurture your network - online and in person.
  • Discover the hidden job market through your network - 75% of jobs are never advertised.
  • Stay motivated - find a mentor, be a mentor and volunteer for a worthy cause.


Photo of Darlene O'NeillAbout the expert:

With over 25+ years of experience in the field of career development, Darlene O’Neill is Fanshawe’s Senior Manager of Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services. She is passionate about helping students, graduates and community clients succeed in gaining meaningful employment. O’Neill is the chair of the Heads of Co-op for Ontario Colleges and a co-chair of the Employment Sector Council London Middlesex.


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