Five steps to sustainable cooking

Friday, September 21, 2018
Become a sustainable cook

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? How was it grown? Is it organic or factory farmed? More and more, people are starting to ask these questions and seek sustainable products as a way to be socially and environmentally conscious.

But where do you begin? Here are five easy ways you can become a sustainable cook from chef and home cook, Josie Pontarelli:

Growing sustainable food

1  Educate yourself.

Find out where your food comes from.

Local farmers

2  Talk to local farmers.

They're stewards of the land: they grow their food and know the quality of their product. Ask if their fields are pesticide-free and whether they use crop-rotation techniques.


3  Plan your meals.

Save time and gas by going to market once a week.

Artisanal preserves

4  Shop for food in season.

Plan meals around these items - it's less expensive, fresher and will be better quality because it has been grown close to home.

Eat less meat

5  Eat less meat.

It takes more resources to produce food to feed the animal. When buying meat, choose organic and humanely treated. Use everything – don't waste a thing!


Photo of Josie PontarelliAbout the expert

Josie Pontarelli is the coordinator of the Artisanal Culinary Arts program at Fanshawe College and is a Senior Advisor, Restaurant Services at First Key Consulting. She is a graduate of the prestigious Stratford Chefs School and a Red Seal certified chef.

She is passionate about contributing to the local food movement in southwestern Ontario. Most recently, she co-founded the food and beverage pairing blog site Cork+Board with friend and sommelier, Christie Pollard.

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