Friday, October 26, 2018
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Our furnaces and fireplaces are used on a more regular basis in the fall. Without proper maintenance, both appliances could leak carbon monoxide into your home. This tasteless, odourless, colourless gas can cause severe illness or death. Current law requires a minimum of one working carbon monoxide alarm outside of the sleeping area; however, it is ideal to have one on every level of your home.

Candle use, cooking and smoking inside the home also increase so it is very important to follow the home safety tips below to avoid a visit from the fire department.


Candle care.

Never leave candles unattended or children/pets alone with them. Ensure candles are stable and can't tip over.



Smoke sitting up; use large, deep ashtrays; discard butts into a non-combustible container and keep matches/lighters away from children.

Kitchen stove


Never leave the stove unattended and keep it clear of flammable items.

Smoke alarm

Smoke alarms.

Have a working smoke detector on every level of your home and replace the batteries at least once a year.

During the holiday season, use UL or CSA-approved, non-combustible indoor lights and decorations. If your Christmas tree is real, use a container that can hold enough water to keep it hydrated.


Photo of Frank DonatiAbout the expert:

Frank Donati is the coordinator of the Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Education program at Fanshawe College. He is a fire safety professional with over 25 years of experience with municipal fire services and in the private sector who has served as a communicator, chief fire prevention officer, professor and regulatory representative.