Thursday, April 16, 2020
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1  They are the first in line to offer help.

During COVID-19, they have reached out to see how they can serve, everything from volunteering at food banks and shelters to being compassionate listeners.

International students holding flags from their countries


2  They hunger for mentorship and to mentor others.

They are champions for the Fanshawe InSPIRE program.

college students participating in mentorship program


3  They are future focused.

They have left their homes, their families and their safety behind to follow their dreams, pursue their education and start new lives.

international student meeting college president


4  They bring the world to our doorstep.

We learn from them, their cultures, their values and their traditions. They offer us a broader perspective on our world view.

international students playing instruments


5  They are ambassadors for the College.

They always pay it forward.

international students in front of college athletics logo


6  They are advocates for diversity and inclusivity.

international college students


7  They are working in the front lines of essential services during COVID-19.

Many have also responded to the call for internationally trained health professionals.

students observing medical procedure


8  They have an indomitable spirit and resiliency.

Not even COVID-19 can stop them from achieving their goals.

group of international students


9  They are continuous learners.

They are active participants in all co-curricular events and learning activities.

students at college assembly


10  They strive to become Canadians.

When they do, they will teach us, enhance our economy and further beautify this majestic mosaic we call Canada!

Canadian citizenship ceremony