What is Rising Leaders?

This micro-certification is designed to introduce students to foundational areas of leadership, recognize their competencies in each area and identify areas and strategies for further skills development. 

The program is comprised of 6 modules. Upon completing each module, students will be granted an electronic badge to post to social media. Upon completion of all 6 modules, they will receive the Rising Leader Micro-credential certificate. The program is designed for students preparing for leadership roles in the college (FSU, peer mentorship, class reps, etc.) and is free to enroll in. Students will learn about new tools and approaches as well as how to apply the theories and practices to their overall career journey.

Details and delivery

  • Modules are offered in an online format and take approximately 1 hour each to complete.
  • Each module is comprised of a mini-lecture, reflection, practical application and takeaways.
  • Interactive presentations, quizzes, and reading suggestions are built-in and are designed to complement all learning styles and leadership experiences.

Module Topics

Building the Foundations of Leadership

Students will gain an understanding of the current and historical theories and concepts of leadership. They will be given the opportunity to apply leadership theories and concepts to real-life and simulated situations. Students will also gain an understanding of the difference between managers and leaders and then reflect upon their own leadership style and how they want to further develop their skills in conjunction with Fanshawe’s Job Skills for the Future.

Leading Change

Students will gain an understanding of the larger context for change and their role in making it happen. This workshop will help students to develop a Change or Growth mindset (5 fingers) and provide the skills they'll need to help both individuals and teams to embrace and enact the change (John Kotter's 8 Steps for Change Management).​

Communicating Effectively through Conflict

After completing this module, students will understand strategies for resolving and moving past conflict. This workshop will help students to manage their emotional response to conflict and communicate effectively.​

Mentoring for Leaders 

Discover how engaging in mentorship can positively impact your leadership journey. After completing the Mentoring for Leaders module, students will identify their leadership goals, create a mentorship goal to guide them in finding mentorship opportunities, and determine how they will begin searching for mentors. A workbook will guide students through the activities and reflection process.

Diversity and Global Citizenship

Students will evaluate diverse perspectives and navigate the significance that comes with multiple viewpoints in relation to cultural diversity, global unity and the decision-making processes. Students will have an opportunity to apply, identify and demonstrate skills that enable intercultural communication and knowledge, impactful leadership, self-awareness and effective and active listening. By working inclusively, you will learn best practices such as how to educate yourself and co-creating an environment that explores and appreciates the differences of others. Finally, students will examine and reflect on the importance of inclusivity in leadership with the purpose of making progress toward personal goals and understanding the importance of adopting an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) mindset.

Innovation and Creativity

Students will learn the value of creativity and innovation in the learning and leadership process. They will develop an understanding of the differences between creativity and innovation as well as how they are connected. Upon completing this module, students will be able to apply best practices and increase their ability to be creative and innovative.

For more information 

Contact Larissa Campbell and Ashley Nash at: inspirementoring@fanshawec.ca