This series of five wellness workshops across three days is focused on preparing you for the college experience. Using a combination of virtual and in-person sessions we will cover a variety of skills, such as life at high school vs. college, "College Hacks", dealing with test anxiety, mindfulness and wellness. While you will gain the most by attending the full series, you have the option to register for all or just some of the sessions. 

Day 1 Themes: Getting IN the Right Headspace for College and Study Smart: Lessons IN Quality over Quantity. Reduce Burnout


Topics Include: 

  • Differences between high school and college
  • Quality breaks
  • Manage stress and thrive
  • Current student panel
  • College hacks
  • Note taking
  • Wellness
  • Study resources
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • College hacks

Day 2 Themes: IN the Zone: Pace Yourself and Stay Motivated and INvolved: College Life is more than Academics


Topics Include: 

  • Motivation
  • Staying organized
  • FanshaweOnline (FOL)
  • College hacks
  • Communication skills for college life
  • Wellness
  • Fanshawe Student Union
  • Gender-based violence education and support
  • Alcohol and drug consumption

Day 3 Themes: INdependent Living


Topics Include: 

  • Campus tours
  • Independent living (on-campus, off-campus, with parents/guardians)
  • Workshops (Rock Climbing and mindfulness for beginners; Yoga, Mindful Journey/Journaling)