Career Services is now offering virtual workshops for students to stream remotely. Workshops include The Resume, Cover Letters and References, How to Ace Your In-Person, Virtual and Telephone Interviews, Virtual Networking, Rock Your LinkedIN Profile and 10 Steps to Your Next Job.


To register for workshops go to FanshaweOnline and click Career/Co-op/CCR in the Resources drop-down menu.  Then click Career, then Events in the left menu.  The calendar will open and you will see information regarding workshops/webinars that are open for registration.  


10 Steps to Your Next Job 

This workshop gives students a clear path to follow in their job search by walking you through the provided workbook where you can track your progress and take steps forward in your job search. The workbook gives clear instructions and explains the step-by-step actions to take to be successful in a job search – students can complete the activities in the workbook either independently, or while they are participating in the workshop.

The Resumé 

In this workshop, you will learn how to deliver resumes that will get you an interview. Great resumes display not only your skills and qualifications but they sell you as the ideal package. We provide step-by-step instructions through such things as:

  • What must be included in your resume
  • Tailoring your resume to the position
  • How to identify the skills you should highlight
  • What to include under experience and education
Cover Letters and References

Do you know that a Cover Letter is almost always required when applying for a new position? Cover letters are the employer's first impression of you as a potential candidate; therefore, it is quite important to spend time on this document.  Please join our workshop with either a job you would like to apply to or an actual job description and we will explain how to craft a targeted letter.

We provide step-by-step instructions that will walk you through:

  • Expressing skills and characteristics that you cannot express in your resume
  • What must be included in your cover letter
  • How to make your cover letter stand out and set you apart
  • Tailoring your cover letter to a position/employer
How to Ace Your In-Person, Virtual and Telephone Interviews

This workshop covers tips on how to prepare, succeed in an in-person or virtual interview, and what to do after the interview. If you are preparing for a job interview for part-time, full-time, a co-op, or a clinical placement this is the workshop for you! You can come with questions that you have prepared or email us ahead of time and we will bring questions related to your industry.
Interviewing for a job can be a scary task, and with the pandemic causing a shift to virtual or phone interviews, this may seem even more stressful and difficult. 

We will introduce you to:

  • Questions you may be asked in the interview
  • Research how much others are making in similar positions
  • Interview Stream - a powerful software to record your mock interview
  • Questions you should consider asking the interviewer
  • How/where to research for your interview
Virtual Networking 

In this workshop we will help you find ways to make successful one-on-one connections without meeting in person.
Networking is an essential part of the job search process. While handshakes might be off the table in a time of socially distanced virtual events, professional connections can still be created and nurtured. 

Rock your LinkedIn Profile 

This workshop will help you create a LinkedIn profile that brings your personal career story to life, whether you’re just starting out, seeking to advance, or making a career change. A stellar LinkedIn profile with skills and accomplishments that represent you, what you stand for and what you are passionate about. Your LinkedIn profile is a lot more than an online résumé. If you optimize it right, it can be one of your most potent social selling tools. Your LinkedIn profile is among the first things your prospects will see, it is incredibly important to cover all the bases and make it your strongest asset.