Things to do in London this fall

Friday, September 13, 2019
Things to do in London Ontario

London, Ontario is a vibrant city with no shortage of events and attractions to explore. The 11th largest city in Canada, London is home to world-class athletics, arts and history museums, music venues, and more!

Here are some events for students to check out while you’re in London.


Concerts in London

Music and performing arts

Artists from chart-topping Grammy winners to your favourite indie band often stop in London on tour. We even enjoy professional live theatre, including touring Broadway shows! Check out some of the great performance venues in our own backyard:

Festivals and events: Fall 2019

London is known for putting on great community events! Check out one of the great events happening this fall:


Art in London Ontario


From stunning visual exhibitions to important artifacts from London’s history, museums enrich our city:

Sports (to watch)

If you're an avid sports fan, London is home to incredible teams:

Bike in London, Ontario

Sports (to play)

If you're looking to get active:

Enjoy Nature

London is known as the Forest City and we are proud of our beautiful parks and a few hidden gems where you can enjoy the peace of nature:

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