Tobogganing can be snow much fun

Friday, December 11, 2020
Child sledding over a ramp while wearing a helmet

With restrictions on indoor gatherings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, it’s even more important to find ways to enjoy outdoor activities this winter. Physical activity can also help reduce the stress many of us are feeling - click here to read more on that topic. Tobogganing is a popular way to have some outdoor fun and take advantage of the snowy winters that are common in Ontario. 

A group of kids pulling their toboggans and sleds on their way to a hill near them

While tobogganing can seem like child’s play – an activity that all members of the family can enjoy – it’s important to consider safe sliding practices to reduce the risk of injury.

Protect your noggin on your toboggan

Every year in Ontario, a significant number of people visit an emergency department or doctor’s office because of a tobogganing injury. Most of these visits are due to a collision with an object or being thrown from a toboggan.

The number one thing we can do to protect ourselves and our kids from head or spinal injuries is to wear a helmet (ski helmet is preferable). Also, be sure to kneel or sit with your feet pointing downhill.

Parachute, Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention, offers safety tips to consider before you leave the house, when selecting a location and while on the hill. 

A child walking his toboggan up the hill while wearing proper head gear

Location, Location, Location

Here are some popular tobogganing hills in London and surrounding area:

Piccadilly Park (London) has a good beginner hill offering a short, medium-steep hill with few obstructions.

Doidge Park (London) offers more excitement with a steep ride down into a park.

Southside Park (Woodstock) is a popular destination among local sledding connoisseurs.

Norfolk Golf and Country Club (Simcoe) hills provide an adrenaline rush for kids of all ages.

Waterworks Park (St. Thomas) on the north side of town offers a picturesque location for an afternoon of sledding.

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