Virtual selling is here to stay

Friday, August 13, 2021
Virtual selling is here to stay

While the thought of a career in sales once brought to mind a vision of going door-to-door or doing product demonstrations in a showroom, many industries have made the switch to selling their products and services virtually. There are many benefits to virtual selling and lots of tools available to help you be successful.

What are the benefits of virtual selling?

Virtual selling can save money, both for the seller and the buyer. It’s no longer necessary to travel across the country to close a sale, meaning you won’t need to spend as much money on plane tickets or hotel rooms.

Virtual selling can be more efficient. With the time you save by not traveling, you can spend more time with your existing clients or on identifying potential new clients.

Woman sitting at desk behind her laptop and talking on her mobile phone.

What tools are needed for virtual sales?

There are many tools available to help you thrive in virtual sales. Here are some examples of what you may need:

  • A great CRM. Customer Relationship Management software can make a big difference to your ability to track customer interactions;
  • Web conferencing software. Tools like Zoom, WebEx or Skype can help you get that face-to-face time with your clients in a virtual setting;
  • Scheduling software. A calendar tool, like Calendly, can make it easy for clients to book a meeting with you. They can search your availability for a time that works for them and send the request right to your calendar;
  • Document signing software. Once you’ve closed a sale virtually, you likely won’t schedule an in-person meeting just to sign the contract. There are many tools, like PandaDoc or DocuSign, that you can use to sign a contract virtually and securely.

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