Applicants must be graduates of an Ontario Business Administration – Leadership & Management Advanced Diploma program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for this degree completion program.

Fanshawe College Graduates apply internally utilizing the Readmission / Program Transfer Form. Graduates from all other Ontario Colleges apply through


Fanshawe College is proud to offer this degree completion in a flexible part-time, online format.

To learn more about what completing your business degree has to offer, please visit the Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Management) main page.

To apply for this part-time, online degree completion program, visit the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS).

How the Part-Time Online Degree Completion Program works

This part-time online program allows students holding an Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Business Administration - Leadership & Management to complete their Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Management) in only two years!

Once you accept your offer of admission and become a Fanshawe College student, we highly recommend you follow one of the progression plans below to determine when courses will be offered.

BCM1 | 2-year completion plan | Fall start

BCM1 | 2-year completion plan | Winter start

BCM1 | 2-year completion plan | Summer start


These progression plans lay out a recommended sequence for completing this credential part-time. You do not need to follow this plan. Unless there is a specified pre-requisite, you can take courses in any order. If the courses listed in your progression plan are already full by the time you go to register, you can take any other courses offered that term. To figure out which courses are offered in each term, look at the whole progression plan.


WebAdvisor allows you to use the “Search and Register for courses” option to look up courses offered by term. You only need to enter one search criteria to see all options (i.e. enter course code ACCT to see all accounting courses offered that term). To look for available courses, type in the course code and course number from the progression plan to see if the course is offered. 


For more information on how course registration works, see our Part-Time Post-Secondary page.


Some programs require students to write a WRIT assessment. Please visit for more information and available test dates.


For students transferring from other Ontario Colleges, some additional courses may be required. If you are transferring from an Ontario College other than Fanshawe College, please contact Program Coordinator, Laura De Luca for further details at