The OSAP application for 2022-2023 is now open. Students starting in Fall 2022, Winter 2023, Spring/Summer 2023 can apply for the 2022-2023 OSAP application. 

New feature - The OSAP application has a short information session which provides key details about OSAP. Once the financial literacy section is completed, students continue with their OSAP application.


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OSAP application process

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Are you a returning student?

  • Check out our OSAP FAQs for more information about OSAP.

Are you studying part-time?

  • Some part-time, microcredential and Continuing Education students may be eligible for the Part-Time Canada Student Loan (commonly referred to as 'part-time OSAP'). If you are registered part-time (20-59% of a full-time course load) in an OSAP approved program, you must apply for one term at a time, even if you plan to study for more than one term.

Are you starting school this fall?

  • The OSAP Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (ECOE) begins just before the first week of term.
  • After Fanshawe College confirms your enrollment just prior to classes starting, OSAP money will begin to be released. For more information see How to get your OSAP funding and FAQs: After applying


How to get your OSAP funding for the school year:

Follow the steps below to get your OSAP funding. For more information, visit the “Getting OSAP” section on the OSAP website.


Step 1: Complete your OSAP application


Don't stop after creating your OSAP account and user profile. Make sure you also complete an application for OSAP. You can do this from your college application online, or you can visit to start a new application or resume one you previously started and paused.


Step 2: Submit your required documents


Submit all OSAP required documents by uploading them as instructed on your OSAP application. All documents required by OSAP (listed at the end of your online OSAP application) must be submitted and satisfied before any funding can be disbursed to you.

For your personalized list of required documents, login to your OSAP account on the OSAP website, select "Check Status" and go to the "Required Documents" section. It's recommened you submit all required documents as early as possible, by June 30 if you are starting in a fall term. Due to volumes of OSAP documents that must be reviewed this helps avoid funding delays. 


Step 3: Complete your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA)


After you submit your online OSAP Application for Full-Time Students, you also need to complete your lifetime student loan agreement, called the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA). For instructions on how to complete the MFSAA, login to your OSAP account on the OSAP website, select "Check Status" and go to the "Required Documents" section. You'll also get an email from the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) which will provide you with these instructions to register for your online account and complete your MSFAA online.

If you applied for OSAP using a paper application, your MSFAA will be mailed to you. Read the terms and conditions, then complete and sign your MSFAA.

NOTE: For most students you only submit the MFSAA once. Do not submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

NSLSC: New Customer Experience
This module demonstrates the experience that a new student would go through registering with the NSLSC for the first time.

Check out the NSLSC YouTube channel for more information on the support they offer borrowers throughout their student loan experience.

Step 4: Check your status often


Check the status of your OSAP application online regularly.

TIP: Opt-in for email notifications so you know if something has changed or if something is needed/missing.


Step 5: School confirms your enrolment


Fanshawe College confirms your enrolment just prior to classes starting. OSAP money will not be released until this step is completed. For most students, this will happen at the start of their studies (e.g., September) and then again halfway through their study period (e.g., January). For information about your disbursements and funding, log on to your OSAP account on the OSAP website and go to the “Check Status” section.


Step 6: Get your OSAP!


In most cases, OSAP money is typically released in the first week of school.




Contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions about OSAP.

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